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Weekly Lists #204: Favourite Magic Systems

This one is 100% inspired by the Top 5 Wednesday topics from October 2018. That, and the fact that I’m finally getting back into reading some more fantasy, some more magical books, and as such: have finally gotten to put some thought into what exactly are my favourite magic systems!

1. Harry Potter

This is the original thing. And honestly, I’m basically just here for the magical ceiling.

2. Chronicles of Dalemark:

The way certain elements (such as the harp), turn out to be magical, the tapistry and the way its colours turn out to show exactly what is happening and at the same time don’t… Especially the way magic is both such an integral part of the story, and at the same time – seemingly not an element in it at all? It’s a really interesting balance, and it’s struck so well in this series!

3. The World of Chrestomanci

Can you just imagine a world where having magic is the norm? Where people can have multiple lives, where there’s categories of how much magic you have and can yield. Where magic is something you can play with, no care in the world about it. I mean, it sounds pretty amazing, right?

4. Stravaganza

There’s something about the idea that any every-day element could be magical, that speaks to me. I mean, in the world of Stravaganza, any object could literally transport you to an alternate universe. Not to mention the magic that is part of this alternate universe to begin with!

5. The Night Circus

When magic becomes an art form more so than a plot device? You know you’ve got something special. And after rereading The Night Circus earlier this year… Well, my love for the way magic works in this universe just went up.

What are some of your favourite magic systems? What enchantments most transported you into a different universe? Be sure to let me know below!