2019 Reading Updates – October Update

October’s reading was kind of a weird one – as in: it was, seemingly, one fourth Christmas books… And three quarters fanfiction. I don’t know what happened exactly, but apparently I really needed some Harry Potter-feels. And with that being said – let’s get into my 2019 Reading Updates October edition!

What I read

As I mentioned, there should be quite a lot of fanfiction on this list as well, but I figured I’d focus on the actual books because, well… Those might appeal to more people 🙂

  1. Spirit of the season, Fern Michaels
  2. Snowflakes at the Little Christmas Tree Farm, Jaimie Admans
  3. The Garden on Sparrow Street, Tilly Tennant
  4. Snowflakes at Mistletoe Cottage, Katie Ginger
  5. I’ll Be Home for Christmas, Karen Clarke
  6. Single all the Way, Karen King

In case you’re interested – here’s some of my favourites out of all the (38!) fanfics I read this month:

  • All You Want, SenLinYu (be warned – it’s raunchy)
  • Temptation on the Warfront, alizarincrimson (what would happen if Draco had to go with the Golden Trio on their hunt for the horcruxes)
  • Azoth, zeitgeistic (Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy and a lot of potion-making fun)
  • Turn, Saras_Girl (Harry Potter goes into an alternate universe where he “saved” Draco Malfoy – and things changed because of it)

What I thought

Book-wise, it was a bit of a give-and-take-situation, honestly. Both Spirit of the Season and The Garden on Sparrow Street were, quite frankly, let downs. I think it might have just been that I’d had really good experiences with previous books of these authors, but either way: I expected more.

The remaining four, on the other hand, were all really enjoyable reads. I’ll Be Home for Christmas I enjoyed especially because I’d already read a previous book in Karen Clarke’s Little French Café-series, and I loved getting to revisit the characters from that one. And then there were the two Snowflakes at-books which served me just the kind of foodie-loving-Christmas-spirit and Christmas-tree loving I was craving.

All in all though, I have to admit: it was the fanfiction which made this into a good reading month for me. Which means, naturally, I’m quite curious to see what November will bring – considering that’s usually prime Christmas-reading season. But that’ll be news for next month’s reading update, won’t it?

What have you been reading and loving this past month? Be sure to let me know below! Especially if you have some holiday-recommendations – you know I’m always in the market for those!