About Books #3: Girl Hearts Girl

So this is going to be a quicky, because I literally got this book in the mail about 2 hours ago and I’m supposed to be leaving in less than 30 minutes – but, basically: I love this book.

Girl Hearts Girl by Lucy Sutcliffe
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

So, when’s the last time you read an almost-300 pages book in 90 minutes?

Because, quite frankly, I can’t remember that happening since I re-read the first Harry Potter for the 7th time, and that was just because I basically knew what I was reading without actually doing so.

That being said – I’ve followed and loved Kaelyn and Lucy probably for as long as it’s been possible to follow them, and let me tell you: they are probably two of the most sincere, hard-working, nice and inspiring people I’ve ever encountered. To use Leah’s words: “It must have been so much scarier for you, not to have those feelings. I know it must have been so confusing and lonely. I respect that, I really do.” Like Leah, I can consider myself very lucky in that I’ve never had to go through the struggle that it undoubtedly can be to have to figure out your sexuality, let alone having to come out to your family, because today’s society still takes “straight and great” as its basic assumption.

This book describes so beautifully what it’s like to live on the other side of that assumption and does so not only in turns of phrases and descriptions that make the scenes described somehow appear in front of you, it does so with an honesty that is noticeable throughout the entire story / narration.

I don’t think it matters a wit if you’re straight, gay or anywhere else on the wide and varied spectrum that is sexuality and romanticity – you should read this book because it helps you to appreciate the journey of one girl that is not you. A lesson that cannot be learned too often.

(Also, definitely then go on and look up their youtube channel, because, amongst many other things, both Kaelyn and Lucy’s coming out stories are so powerful, and there’s a very clear reason that so many people have been loving their videos, namely: they’re amazing and you should check them out as well!)

(Also also: if you do feel the need to read this beauty as well, you can find it on Amazon here!)