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Weekly Lists #43: My Summer Goals

It’s Summer!

(And yes, I am aware that that’s how I’ve started my two previous posts as well – but what can I say, I’m really happy about that!)

And as is the case every summer, I need to set myself some goals.

Because, well, let’s face it: I can only handle so much doing nothing before I go absolutely bonkers – seriously, I was not made for lazy-ing around!

And of course, if I didn’t share them with you, would my summer goals even really exist?

1. Sleep

Surprise, surprise, I didn’t sleep enough during exams – anybody surprised? No? Good, that means you’re getting to know me 🙂

But yes, I want to catch up on my sleep and, for once, start out the new academic year well-rested.

We’ll see how that ends up…

2. Hit the gym

Three times a week, at least.
I always feel better when I exercice, and now for once I actually have the time for it, so I might as well take advantage of the opportunity, right?
What’s more, ideally, in good weeks (we’ll see how often those come along :p ) I would like to get some exercice in on at least 2 more times in between gym days – again, we’ll see how that works out 🙂

3. Read as much as I can

I just bumped up my GoodReads Reading Challenge from 100 to 150, so, you know, gotta keep them books coming, right?

4. Write

Although I often write posts about what’s been keeping me busy recently, a large majority of (at least) the weekly lists I tend to write beforehand – every Saturday is writing day for me, and I often try to get at least 2 done, just because I know that sometimes I won’t get the chance to write any.
Ideally, I would love to leave the summer with at least 20 Weekly Lists done – and this is actually the one goal I feel most confident about 🙂

5. Hang out with friends

Although I’ve actually been pretty good about this the last couple of summers, I have a tendency to lock myself up in my room and enjoy my me-time a little bit too much. So I’m making it a goal to try and hang out with all of my friends at least once – even those that live across the country 🙂
How about you? Have you been enjoying summer these last couple of weeks? What are your goals for these months of doing nothing? Be sure to let me know below!