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Favourite Christmas Candles

There are few things as cosy as a lit candle. One of the only things that might just beat it? A lit candle that just happens to smell like Christmas. And, while I haven’t tried all of them? I certainly would like to have them all of them, stacked nicely on top of each other. All of that, just to say: here’s some of my favourite Christmas candles!

1. Yankee Candles

These are the ones I know, own and love – and that I can tell you right now: they smell delicious! I especially love the “Winter Wonder” and the “Bundle Up”. They have that perfect mixture of a sweet, almost floral scent that isn’t too overwhelming. Perfect for a nice scent for your home! (Amazon)

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2. Bath and Body Works

There’s not many people I would trust to know a nice-smelling candle. Especially because I tend to be quite sensitive to anything with a scent. As it so happens, so is Blair from BlairBlogs. So when she recommended this Hot Cocoa and Cream-candle on her insta-stories, I knew it would be something I liked. And, also… Who doesn’t want their home to smell like hot cocoa? (Amazon)

3. Aromatherapeutic

So, supposedly this aromatherapeutic serves as a head ache relief, an antidepressant, a boost to your immune system… And even if all that doesn’t help? Well, it smells like peppermint. Which is still a pretty good thing, if you ask me! (Amazon)

4. Saks Fifth Avenue

Okay, let me be honest with you: I just thought this looked amazing. And, well, if it just happens to smell like mandarin orange, pine and cinnamon as well? Well, that’s just an added bonus, isn’t it? (Saks)


And if I thought the previous one looked amazing, this Macy’s one is basically that – times three. These candles basically look as if snow rose up, formed a candle and dipped itself in essential oils that smell like the kind of forest where you would go to chop your own Christmas tree. (Macy’s)

Now, tell me – what candles do you think I missed out on? What Christmas candles should I have included in this post? Be sure to let me know below! And of course, if you’re in need of some more Christmas-ness – why not check out the rest of this year’s blogmas-tag?