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Weekly Lists #25: Favourite Soundtracks

Every Wednesday, I create a list of 5 random things – this week: some of my favorite soundtracks!

First of all, I know that there’s a lot of films and series out there that have amazing soundtracks – however, 1) I haven’t seen all of those films and series (yet) and 2) I don’t always manage to pay attention to those elements, because I’m watching the story – so it might just be that I have to write a second, or maybe even a third post of this one, because (as I almost always have) I can just about guarantee you that as soon as I press “publish” for this one, I’m going to think of at least 5 other great soundtracks.

So, basically, here’s a first, temporary list of 5 of my favorite soundtracks!

1. Pride and Prejudice (2005)

This is basically my go-to soundtrack when I want something calm, something to study with, something to read with, or just random “I need some sort of good music” – so imma just leave this here and let you enjoy it!

2. Doctor Who


Now of course this show has just about the best intro-tune ever, but what really made the difference for me on this one is this song – it’s from the Christmas episode between Season 5 and 6 (the new ones, that is) and I am known to listen to it on occasion – 26 times in a row per occasion, that is!

3. Love Actually

Again, this whole movie’s soundtrack is amazing – but this song… This song! There’s actually a version where they put this one, Joanna Drives Off, immediately after Total Agony, and if you don’t know those tunes: the first one is sadness, and then comes along hope, and joy, and just this amazing feeling of “I can do it” – suffice it to say: I’ve been waking up to this song for over a year, and yet I still, actually, love it – if that doesn’t give you a clue as to how amazing this soundtrack is, I don’t know what will…

4. The Holiday


Woops, another one of my favourite Chrsitmassy-films – what can I say, the movie adds so beautifully to the music (and yes, that’s the order in which I wanted to write that 🙂 ) Again, the music so beautifully expresses all these different emotions, without ever actually having a word spoken – and I love it for that!
I have to admit, though, that I had a lot of trouble figuring out which of the songs I was actually going to put in here – I love this one, Three Musketeers, but Iris and Jasper, as well as Cry were also in the running for a long time – basically: just go and look the whole soundtrack up, it’s most certainly worth your time!

5. Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulin


This one is known in the States as just Amélie, I think, but here in Belgium it’s mainly just known as “that movie with the song that every piano-student ever had to be able to play” – I’m not even kidding, literally everybody I know who plays the piano, or at one point was attempting to do so, knows at least part of this soundtrack – specifically: the song above. That I still haven’t grown tired of listening to it, even after hearing it being butchered, quite frankly, too often, just goes to prove how amazing the entirety of this soundtrack is!

So there you have it, 5 of my favourite soundtracks – did you know all of them? Did you agree with all of them? What other movies have soundtracks that, on their own, already make them worth watching? Be sure to let me know below!