About Books #79: Maybe This Time

If you’re ever in need of chicklit that offers just that right amount of fluff, depth and of course – will they won’t they? Jill Mansell is your woman – and Maybe This Time is your first stop!

I was offered an ARC by Netgalley in exchange for a review. All opinions are strictly my own.

The story

Is there ever a perfect time for love?

When Mimi Huish first visits her dad’s new home in the Cotswolds, she falls in love with Goosebrook and the people who live there. There’s Paddy, with his electric-blue eyes and seductive charm. Friendly and funny Lois makes Mimi laugh. And seriously gorgeous Cal Mathieson is welcoming and charismatic. Though Mimi loves her city life and her career, she’d be very happy to return to Goosebrook if it means seeing more of him.

Life is about to take some unexpected and shocking twists and turns. And Mimi’s path and Cal’s are set to cross again and again–but will it ever be the right time for both of them?

The opinion

Here’s the thing – it used to be that Jill Mansell had a fairly classic set-up of her stories. This book, however, does not adhere to that classic set-up. At all. And I love it. We get to follow Mimi through the years as she deals with heartbreak, loss, personal and professional growth, … And of course: as she keeps going back to Goosebrook.

And what a village Goosebrook is! Basically every stereotypical English village you’ve ever seen? Combine all of those, and you end up with Goosebrook. The good thing about those villages is that there’s always so many characters, and Maybe This Time gets to show off not only Mimi’s story, but all of their stories as well.

Throughout all of this, Jill Mansell manages to keep her distinct voice. I loved the love between Mimi’s dad and his boyfriend, the growth between Lois and her mother-in-law, the irresistible (or should that be: incomparable) Paddie… And I especially loved how they all got their moment to shine, outside of Mimi’s story!

The rating: 4/5

What with the summer really coming up now, this was exactly the book I needed to read. It’s light, it’s fluff, it drags you in with its variety of characters. And of course – it’s Jill Mansell, so you just know Maybe This Time delivers with that final kiss! (Goodreads)