2017 Reading Challenges: Final Round Up

There’s months where reading is absolutely easy. It goes like a breeze, so to say. And then there’s months like December. Where I read 2 books, and went through all my manuals a couple of times… This is my 2017 Reading Challenges Final Round Up!


First things first: the books I read.

  • Twelve Days of Christmas, Trisha Ashley
  • Winter at Cedarwood Lodge, Rebecca Raisin (review)
  • Business Benchmark Upper Intermediate Business Vantage Student’s Book
  • Grammaire Essentielle du Français
  • Nederlands, Mondelinge en Schriftelijke Taalvaardigheid
  • Life Advanced – Split Edition A

I mean, I don’t know what happened. One minute I was perfectly happy because I’d handed in all my exams on time, the next December was over and I’d gotten no further than 20 days earlier!

Well – that’s a lie. End-of-year happened. And blogmas. And buying presents, and all kinds of crises and finishing up classes and meetings for next term and, … Basically: life. Life happened. Again.

But hey, I really liked the two Christmas-books I read. So at least there’s that, right? 🙂

2017 round-up

In total, I’ve read 164 books this year. That’s counting re-reads, audiobooks, fanfictions, …

Here’s my philosophy: if you took the time to read something – even if that’s a second or a third time? Or if you took the time to listen to a story? Then you read the freaking book.

None of that “paperback versus hardback”, “audiobook versus using-your-eyes-book” or even “real book versus e-book” nonsense on this blog, thank you very much. If you read it, you read it. And that’s what I did to 164 fine (or, well, let’s be honest: sometimes – quite often even – less fine) pieces of text.

Reading Challenges

So halfway through the year, I dropped one challenge – it was just too much. Then there’s another one, the Rory Gilmore-reading challenge, which I’ve started to see more as a life’s project. Not something for just this year, in other words.

And then, finally, there’s the ones I stuck to. In total, there’s four.

Let’s start with Goodreads. From the 164 stories I read in total, 152 were accepted by Goodreads. (Seriously, if that darn side could just go ahead and accept fanfictions too, my life would be so much easier!) That’s the third year in a row I’ve managed to read over 150 books! (And yes, I am quite proud of that, thank you very much 🙂 )

Next up: the Modern Mrs Darcy Challenge: there’s four prompts I didn’t get to.

  • A book int he blacklist of a new favourite author
  • A Newbery Award winner or Honor book
  • A book nominated for an award in 2017
  • A Pulitzer Price or National Book Award winner

Now, I have read books in my life that could probably count for all of these. Well, maybe not the first one, I don’t really do hate-reading. But quite frankly – I just didn’t get to them this year. And that’s totally fine, you know?

For the PopSugar challenge, the numbers are fairly similar: there’s 3 I didn’t get to.

  • A book that’s becoming a movie in 2017
  • A book with one of the four seasons in the tile
  • A steampunk novel

I mean, considering there’s over 50 prompts, that’s still pretty good, you know?

And then, finally, there’s the Read Around the World Challenge.

While I definitely read less divers than last year, I do feel okay with that, all things considered. This year was definitely all about escapism-reading. More and better next year, right?

And that’s my Reading Challenges Final Update! Be sure to let me know below how you did on any reading goals you may have set yourself this year! And what plans do you have for 2018?