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My 2018 Fall TBR

With the seasons changing comes, as always, a list of books I’m hopeful about. Hopeful that the fact that I want to read them will outweigh the fact that I’m dedicating myself to them through writing this post, that is. I mean, I honestly don’t know why I keep doing this to myself, because, well, you know… I’m not too good on the whole follow through thing… Either way, here’s my 2018 fall TBR!

Now just a little notification: I’m not adding any ARCs or any of the books I mention in my New Releases posts here, because, well… I feel like that’s kind of self-explanatory? When I’m talking about fall-reading, in general, I tend to think more of the books I would like to read specifically during autumn… You know, for that lovely kind of hot cocoa-soft blanket-cozy feeling kind of experience!

The rereads

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One of the biggest things for me during fall, is rereading old favorites. Harry Potter would usually be pretty high up that list, but considering I’ve already read the first four around September first, I’m going to leave those out here.

The classics, specifically Jane Austen’s work and any retelling of her work are bound to be read at some point. Any kind of a book that has that nostalgic feel to it, like 84 Charing Cross Road, is another favorite for the rainier days or the many train rides to work. Finally, there’s books like Mitch Albom’s work or Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go, the ones that changed my perspective in one way of another, or left me thinking for a long while. I don’t know why, but fall just seems like the perfect time for contemplation, right?

The childhood favorites

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So I read and reviewed¬†A Letter for the King at the end of August, and it made me realize how much I actually love that kind of adventure novel with amazing world building. It’s made me want to reread the second book from that series, as well as get out the Dalemark series. Although the latter has an added element of magical realism, it has a similar style in its historical context, the detailed descriptions and – of course – the action filled plot.

Then, there’s the children’s books that I will probably keep rereading for all eternity, if just for their nostalgic feel. Astrid Lindgren and Enid Blyton are basically my set go-to every fall. I read their books at just the right moment, so that I actually don’t ever really¬†not want to read their books. And apart from Blyton’s boarding school-stories? Her Adventure-series is my absolute favorite!

I’ve opted not to include any *new books* in my fall TBR this year because, well… That’s basically the first category to get bumped from my TBR every year. I’m hoping that maybe, by not adding them on here, I can make myself read them after all? And of course – I have enough new reads with just the ARCs and new releases, so those require some attention as well!

Anyways, what are you going to be reading this fall? Any books you think I might enjoy? Be sure to let me know below!