New Releases July 2019

You know that thing where you just want to relax and do nothing all the time? That’s where I’m at right now – and that’s also what I was looking for these new releases July 2019 is offering us. And trust me. It shows :p

1. Please Send Help

You know how, getting out of college, life can be a bit confusing? That’s what this book is about. And it’s amazing. (Goodreads)

2. A French Affair

Is it the French aspect? Is it the British people? Or is it just the combination of those two? You know, that has me just going: YES. Give me all of them. Add in a search for a long lost summer-love and a love of baking? And this book has basically everything I need as far as relaxing summer romance goes! (Goodreads)

3. As Luck Would Have It

Sometimes I just need to read about someone who has their entire life fall apart and then makes it through. And this sounds kind of like exactly that book. (Goodreads)

4. Five Wakes and a Wedding

The idea of this book is such a way off of what I would usually read, that I’m kind of happy I didn’t quite know that before I started reading it. I mean – an undertaker. In romance, none the less! (Goodreads)

5. The Bookish Life of Nina Hill

There’s something about people that escape into books that just speaks to me. Add in a crazy family history that needs resolving, and some romance? Well, I’m in! (Goodreads)

6. The Wedding Party

I read and loved the first two parts in this series. And really, that’s all I need to know to want to read this book. Well, that – and the fact that it’s enemies to lovers. I love me that trope! (Goodreads)

7. Maybe This Time

What I’ve read by Kasie West? I loved. What I read about this book? I loved. So you bet that I want to read the rest as well! (Goodreads)

8. How To Hack a Heartbreak

As someone who’s dating an IT’er? I kinda love reading about female IT’ers. Especially when they rule and get to help out the “experienced workers”. Female power with love and computers involved? Yes please! (Goodreads)

All in all – I’d say my theme for this month is clear. I want romance, and I want it in every flavour available. So let’s get reading!