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Weekly Lists #186: Favourite Content June

Right, so I don’t actually remember June happening. Just a lot of stress and piles upon piles of correcting and then more boxes filled with everything in my life than I ever thought I would see. But at least there was my favourite content June offered to get me through.

1. Pressure-free hobbies

One of the most difficult things for me? Not making everything into a competition. And, let’s be real – the hardest person to win from? Yourself. So, yeah. I need to take this post into account more.

2. “Basically, I’m Gay”

Can we just appreciate the amount of sas in this video? And also – the courage?

3. Eugene Lee Yang

In the same vein of the previous one – but honestly, two such powerful video’s portraying such beautiful messages?

4. The Commoner’s Guide to Bedding a Royal

This is a completely different type of content than the previous ones, but there you have it. Olivia Blake rights such good fanfics, and this one in particular? I just loved it. I mean, it has Harry Potter, British royals, and all the fun recastings of HP-characters as aristocracy.

5. Tasty

I think it’s mainly because we moved, honestly. It’s made me kind of nesty, and excited to use my new kitchen, and to finally have enough room to actually use all of my kitchen, and…Anyways. Tasty. Especially the “making giant versions of things”-series. I love those videos.

Apart from that, I also feel as if it’s really obvious that I haven’t really had a lot of time to enjoy things online, this past month. I mean – I tried. I really did. But what with moving, and exams, and everything that comes with that? I’m basically just happy to have anything at all, to list for this favourite content June-edition. Here’s to hoping July will be calmer, right?