Reading Challenges 2017: Start Up

So it’s that time of year again where I’m making all these plans and getting myself into so much trouble… By trying to do all of these Reading Challenges. Of course. As if last year’s challenges weren’t crazy enough, I decided to go ahead and do even more of them this year. I just can’t help it, I guess?


However, before we go ahead and take a look at what Reading Challenges I’ve taken on this year, I have to make a small general announcement. For those of you who were wondering: how on earth do I even keep track of all this? Well, I’ve basically just been using the spreadsheet that It’s All About Books offers – for 3 years! Seriously, I love this spreadsheet, it makes it so easy to keep track of what you’re reading, and it even looks pretty darn good as well!

1. Goodreads Reading Challenge

2017 Reading Challenge

Saar has
read 1 book toward
her goal of
100 books.

As has been the case these last couple of years as well, I decided to make things “easy” on myself and start out with only 100 books. Considering that both this and last year, I eventually ended up reading over 150 books, I’d say that’s probably pretty do-able, but I’m not risking it when I have 2 internships coming up this term 🙂 2017 Reading Challenge

Why I like this one? Because it works gradually. As in: you need to have finished the “easier level” before you can move on to the next one. Sure, you can bet your *behind* that I’m going to be adding books retro-actively to that list, but at the end of the line… If I haven’t finished those first challenges, I’ll end up having to scratch those I added for later…
Also: I’m definitely going to be “loosely” interpreting some of these, because “Puritan” and “Missionary” are just way too confining in their strictest definition!


3. Popsugar Reading Challenge

Another one I partook in last year as well – and I absolutely loved it. So of course I had to go and look up whether there was a new Reading Challenge for 2017 (there was!) and if it looked somewhat do-able (it did!) and, you know, participate!

Oh, and fun fact: this year they have an “advanced” section as well and the competitive part of me? Fully ready for the challenge!

Source: Popsugar
Source: Popsugar

4. Modern Mrs Darcy Reading Challenge(s)

Okay, but seriously – what is it with all these challenges being multi-facetted this year? Either they have an “advanced” section or, like this one, they just plain old offer two lists! In one go! Of course I’m going to be trying for both of these, so starting from the first update, I’ll probably make this one into two different titles, but for the sake of clarity: Yay Modern Mrs Darcy!

Source: Modern Mrs Darcy
Source: Modern Mrs Darcy

5. The United States of YA

So, sure, this one isn’t actually a Challenge as such – however, I’ve decided that I’m making it one. Basically: for every state of the USA, there’s one book. You try to ‘visit’ as many states as possible, by reading that book. Seems pretty simple, right? Of course, that also means reading, oh, 50 YA-books, but ain’t nobody complaining about that – right? Let me just tell you though: if I’ve already one of these? I’m counting it. If I read another book that takes place in a particular state: counting it as well. Even if I’ve already read another book that takes place in one of these states? Still counting it. I gotta keep things do-able, you know!

Source: Epic Reads
Source: Epic Reads

6. Read Around the World Challenge

I mean, I did this last year and I loved it – even though I completely didn’t finish it. Like, at all. But hey, time for a new try, right?

Now, last year’s prompts came from as well, but this year she doesn’t seem to have created this yet. So I’m basically just going to try and read one book from every country. Cuz that’s not difficult at all. $

(Also, the challenge above should be of at least some help with this one, right?)

7. The Rory Gilmore Challenge

Of course! No, I don’t think I’m gonna succeed at finishing this one this year either, but a girl can try, right?

And try I will!

Anyways, there you have all the reading challenges I’m going to be participating in this year, how about you? Be sure to let me know below, and do check out the reading challenges I’ve participated in throughout the years!