How to Survive Being Social

So by now, I guess you lot already know that I have social anxiety. Unfortunately, that also means that when I’m pushed into a situation where I have to be social? I panic. Through the years, I’ve managed to get some “survival tips” that do tend to work for myself. And if any of you […]

How to Survive the Morning

You know that awful moment? It’s cold, it’s early, and you could have sworn you had more time before the alarm clock went off? You take that first step out of bed and you wonder. How on earth am I going to survive the morning? Well. Consider this your guide! Preparation: The Night Before First things first: […]

How to survive anxiety

As I said in last weeks post, I was diagnosed with social anxiety and general anxiety during my last years of high school. That’s been about 7 years now, and although it’s still a bit of up and down, I can quite confidently say that I’ve somewhat figured out how to best deal with it. […]