Weekly Lists

Weekly Lists #2: What to do when you’re bored

Every week, I post a list of random stuff. This week: 5 things to do when you’re bored.

So you did it – you survived your summer exams, and you’re feeling relieved, and tired, and ready for relaxation – and also: you’re

(Did I totally just make this on Paint? Why yes I did. Because that’s just how Bored I actually am.)

Now, you could of course do the one thing you’ve been longing for the entire summer: Absolutely Nothing.

Unfortunately, this is usually the point where you realise that you are, actually, as it so happens, completely not cut out for that – it ends up giving you a head ache, which is actually more than you can say even the studying ever did.

So you try to figure out what to do instead, and that’s where this list might just come in handy:

1. Read a book.

As a matter of fact: Finish a book. You know there’s always that one book you actually do like, but you can’t seem to get through it, so in the end you just blame it on exam stress? Yes, that one – go read it, you’ll feel really proud inside when you do.

2. Watch some series.

You’ve been wanting to do this for approximately the entirety of your exams, so you might as well just do it now – school starts again in, like, two weeks, and Merlin knows you won’t have enough time to binge-watch it like you want to once classes begin…

3. Read a fanfiction.

The only file in the entirety of your mailbox which you ever allow to go over 10 unread emails is the one all fanfiction.net- and AO3-mails go to – and you know it’s been annoying like heck that there are currently 270 unread mails in there, even though that’s still like 100 better than it used to be. So go ahead, read some – chances are you’ll want to stop after a chapter with most of them anyways, so at least you’ll be feeling productive.

4. Discover new music.
You haven’t compulsively listened to the same song 3 days in a row since before summer officially started, and you know that’s because you study with Vivaldi, Tchaikovsky and Händel in the background – so go ahead: find another song that your entire family will grow tired of after you’ve listened to it the first few of endless times. You’ll be back to Swan Lake and the Ouverture to 1812 before you know it.

5. Plan that trip you’re leaving on in less than a week

You’ll just end up being overly worried and all over the place if you don’t – even if you do already have a list for everything you need, everything you need to buy and everything you think might need to be arranged

And when all of that stuff doesn’t work? Go write a blogpost, because you’re way too good at making lists anyway, so you might as well make a list out of this one…
What about you? What are some of your favourite ways to scare away boredom? Do you do some of the same ones that I mentioned here? Tell me below!