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Weekly Lists #101: 2000’s Eurosong Favorites

One time, each year, Europe forgets all about the military struggles, and chooses to resolve its issues through song, dance and glitter. That’s right, I’m back with more favourites from the diva-fest that is the Eurovision Song Contest. Here are some of my favorite 2000’s Eurovision Songs!

1. It’s for You, Niamh Kavanagh (Ireland, 2010)

2010 was probably one of the best years for Eurovision since the beginning of its history. I mean, we have Azerbaijan with Drip Drop, Armenia’s Apricot Stone, Belarus’ Butterflies, Norway’s My Heart is Yours (even with that one note that’s just ouch) and Russia’s Lost and Forgotten (especially the act for that last one I loved)

Then, there’s the fact that Flanders finally got its act together – because we’re a bilingual country, we have to public stations. They alternate which one gets to send an act, and as a general rule, Flanders isn’t that good at it. The only ever Belgian winner was sent by the Walloon public station as well!

And then, of course, there’s Ireland… I have a special love for this singer, because she actually won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1993 (my year) but her song was also just amazing. That belt? Love it.

2. Fairytale, Alexander Rybak (Norway, 2009)

I’d say 2009 was about as good a year as 2010 but, quite frankly, it was just too weird as well. None the less, I absolutely loved Iceland’s entry with Is it True, as well as the Swedish one – The Voice is another one of those songs I used to practice my “opera voice” – an actual term I coined, yes indeed.

Let’s not forget about Malta’s Chiara with What if We, which has another one of those amazing belts that make me go “yes please”.

And then there’s the absolute adorableness that is Alexander Rybak with his puppy eyes, amazing voice, cute face and he plays the violin OMG I want to marry him. Seriously, though? Probably my first and only ever Eurovision crush. So there’s that ?

3. The Fire in Your Eyes, Boaz Ma’uda (Israel, 2008)

Let me get something in the air first: the song of Russia, 2008’s winner? Good. The act? So over the top I wasn’t sure whether to be annoyed, shocked, or just faintly amused. I mean, come on. A freaking ice skater? Like normal isn’t crazy enough, in the crazies’ country that is Eurovision. But you gotta admit: those high notes are pretty impressive.

Not as impressive as Israel’s act, though. I was entirely too young to really comprehend the buzz that was Dana International. This made me get and appreciate Israel and the Eurovision Song Contest though – and it’s previous winners!

A quick note on Belgium here? O Jullissi was actually a pretty good song – but as per the usual, we couldn’t just be normal about it, and a political scandal involving the main singer soon erupted… Belgium -_-

4. Hard Rock Hallelujah, Lordi (Finland, 2006)

2007 was a pretty weak year, in my eyes. Serbia’s Marija Serifovic with Molitva,  the winner, was basically the only saving grace. That might also have been because just about everybody was trying to copycat the year before.

And as I already mentioned in some post, I was pretty into harder rock, so I actually wanted Lordi to win. Because OMG they were amazing and so different and apparently they’re considered quite soft in Finland? What?

One other act also really caught my attention that year, and it was called “We Are the Winners” – you gotta give it to Lithuania, they have guts, right?

5. Wild Dances, Ruslana (Ukraine, 2004)

I mean, the first half of the nillies? It was just bad. That’s basically all I can say about it, albeit with an honorable mention for Belgium’s Sanomi in 2003. That song was awesome, even if there was (literally) no sense to it 🙂

And there you have it, that’s 5 of my favourite 2000’s Eurovision songs! I have to admit, this is probably the weakest period in Eurovision history, but there were still some real gems. You know, if you like that kind of stuff. Did you know any of these songs? Even in Europe, most of these seem to have been forgotten already… Be sure to let me know below!