40 Days of Blogging

So some of you may have noticed that I’m posting quite a bit more regular than usual. Well, I’ve always had a nice little schedule going on – it’s just seen some additions. As in: this is my fourth post in four days! (I know, what on earth is going on??) Well, 40 days of Blogging, thats going on!

What is 40 days of blogging, I can hear you ask? Well, it’s an initiative by one of the bloggers that originally got me into blogging, Verbeelding (Imagination). Now, her blog is in Dutch, so the name as well as the challenge are explained in Dutch (40 Dagen Bloggen)

40 Days?

The concept is fairly simple: for the duration of Lent, so from this past Wednesday up to and including the Good Week, you post one blog per day. Naturally, you get some days off (Sundays aren’t “included” in Lent). The idea is that, because you’re forcing yourself to write daily, you are basically allowing your inspiration to kickstart itself back into gear.

I’ve referenced this at some points, but this past months have been kind of weird blogging-wise. It started with my internship this past May and June when I not only lost all concept of time, but also my motivation. I somewhat got back on track, and then my blog went down. Then came transitioning into adulthood (in a way, I know, technically I was already and blablabla). That was… PainfulInterestingDifferent.

Still not completely done.

And then, a week or something back, my blog went down again.

And somewhere in between all that, motivation was scarce to be found. Again.

Long story short: I kind of need my inspiration to be kickstarted. I would love for blogging not to feel like a task again. Because, yes, at some points, it did. A task I loved, but a task none the less. (I may come back to this at some point in the coming almost-40-days).


So what can you expect here, for the following couple of weeks? Well, the regular schedule should be maintained. That means you get a Weekly List each Wednesday and a Bookish post each Friday. On top of that, I’m hoping to get Random Sundays back on track as well – I’ve got a (I think) pretty fun post lined up for tomorrow, so do keep out an eye for that!

Apart from that, I’ve got some reviews I’ve been meaning to write. And possibly some changes as for how I write my book reviews. Then there might be some continuations for series I’ve written the past couple of years – How to Survive Graduation comes to mind 🙂 Apart from that? Anything that strikes my fancy, really! I’ve got a lot of tags that I could go through – book-related and other content. I’ve been loving some recipes (I’m told I make a killer risotto, so there’s that 🙂 ). I rearranged my bookshelves, started to get a more “grown up-daily schedule”, …

Basically: more of what was on here already – and then some!

So be sure to come back each day, follow me on Twitter, Instagram and of course: right here, so you don’t miss any of it!

(Oh, and if you have any suggestions for things I could write about? Be sure to let me know below!)