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Weekly Lists #138: Favorite Blogposts June 2018

So, I feel like all I’ve been reading this month are blogs about summer, and travelling, and summer, and travelling… And there I was, correcting exams. But AHA – now it’s finally my time! I TOO AM FREE! (I always want to add in that “Dobby is a Free Elf”-gif, here, but, you know, apparently that’s not-done for an introduction… So let’s just get straight to my favorite blogposts June 2018!

1. Sport and mental health

Training for a 5K Run: Running and Negative Mental Health?

Because I’m trying to get at least some specific “exercice-time” in, every month, I felt that this was actually a really interesting read. Because, you know… Your mental healthy really just has to influence everything, doesn’t it?

Oh – and in other sports-related blogposts that I really enjoyed: this one!

Apple Watch vs. Fitbit Charge 2 Comparison

2. Living the dream

The blogger-dream, that is. Basically, I’ve been really loving just about every post Helene from Helene in Between has put up lately, and this one in particular just struck a cord with me. I mean, don’t we all (all bloggers, that is) secretely hope that at one point we’ll be able to live off of our blogs? And these people are just, well… Doing it! I don’t like to use the word “inspiring” too easily, but, well… This kind of is it, isn’t it?

3. A Little Interaction Goes a Long Way

A little interaction goes a long way.

I blogged about this as well, a little while ago. That feeling that, when you’re blogging, it can often seem as if you’re just screaming into a void. If no one actually tells you what they think, did you even post your blog? It’s the kind of thing that makes me doubt whether I want to continue blogging – it’s also something I probably haven’t been doing enough, myself. So, you know, consider this my declaration: I’m going to be trying to interact more on other bloggers’ posts. Help keep me to it, why don’t you 🙂

4. What to do this summer

Look, I get bored really easily. I mean, to the point where it’s ridiculous. So, basically I just need all the inspiration for a Summer bucket list. I will probably write about my eventual summer bucket list pretty soon as well, but, you know… I need all the inspiration! And blogposts were always going to be where I was going to go for that, right?

(I mean, even for summer reading inspiration – another post that’s coming up – I went to other bloggers!)


5. Travelling inspiration

Basically, really want to go to the British Isles this summer. And I know I’m going to be in London for a wedding. So all the travelling inspiration? Yes please!

AD | The Harry Potter Walking Tour of London

Now, honestly? I probably could’ve gone on for a little while. Why is it that reading blogs seems like so much more fun when you know you really shouldn’t be reading them? Anyways, be sure to let me know what blogposts you’ve most enjoyed reading this past month!