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Summer 2018 Bucket List

I’m fairly sure I’ve mentioned here or there that I get bored quite easily. Because, you know… I do. Which means that, naturally, I have to plan ahead. Make sure I have enough to do this summer so that I won’t. Get bored, that is. The answer to all my questions? My Summer 2018 bucket list!

Now, let’s be honest here: my summer is quite a bit shorter than it usually was, this year. After all, this is my first year as a teacher. That both means my summer starts later and ends earlier than it normally would. In other words: this list is going to be a bit shorter than it otherwise might have been. But, yeah, I’m definitely still going to try to do all of this. And fail miserably, as per the usual, right :p

Now, this is the version of my summer 2018 bucket list I’ve actually printed and hung up in our kitchen. Because, you know… If I’m actually going to get this done? I need to see it on the daily :p

Now, this list can broadly be divided into three categories: reading, the fun, and the necessary.


Look, if you know me at all, you know I like reading. But here’s the thing: I need reading. It’s always been the one thing that allows me to escape the whirlwind that is, so often, my mind.

What I’m not all that good at, though, is actually reading on the daily. I should, because I know I always feel better when I do. But, you know, I don’t always. Because life happens, you know. So what I want to try and do this summer, is make sure to section off a part of each day just to read. The exact moment is probably going to vary from day to day, but I want to get at least half an hour in every day. And, of course: know I’m going to be reading then, if not at any other point during the day!


These are the things I need to plan ahead. Just because, you know, the bf is a computer guy, and he would be quite happy spending all day every day behind the screen. Honestly, I would be too, but I know it’ll start to weigh down on my mental health. I need to know I have plans, I need to leave the house from time to time. And these things are just what I need to actually do that.

And of course, walking, cycling and swimming? Just some parts of my constant quest to get more movement into my everyday life!

Related to this part of my summer 2018 bucket list are my 2018 travelling goals, but as I already wrote about that… 🙂


The third thing I need for my mental healthy: intellectual stimulation. I’ve always loved being a student. Again: up to the point where it would get ridiculous.

Now, don’t get me wrong – I’m not actually that big on the whole “taking exams”-thing. But that bit where you get to learn and do all the time? I love that. It’s part of the reason why I love blogging and being a teacher: I am constantly learning more about other subjects, about myself, … So to do a Coursera course and get some (okay, a lot) of blogging done? Just perfect.

Of course, I have more things I want to do this summer, like eat healthy and go on dates with the bf and see my family and… But, you know… Those are things I know I will do. These? These are the things I want to do.

And in case you were wondering: yes, I will be making one for the bf as well. We’ve set ourselves some goals for this year, and we probably need to get our but back into gear. So for him too: a summer 2018 bucket list it will be!

Quick question, now: do you have a bucket list for this summer? If so, what’s on it? Be sure to let me know below!