New Blogging Schedule

So I guess you guys might have noticed that there haven’t been any monthly updates in a while – and unfortunately, I don’t think they’re gonna be coming back anytime soon.

Although I loved writing them for as long as I did, by the end of it became clear that everything was basically just “SCHOOL so…” or “… because SCHOOL”.

These past couple of weeks, I’ve been kind of experimenting with what kind of posts I like to write at this point, and I’ve finally arrived at a sort of “blogging schedule” that I’m hoping will make it more easy for you guys to know when to tune in for a new post!

Weekly Lists Wednesdays

I’ve really loved writing this the past year (and it’s actually almost been a year – can you believe it??) so of course I’m keeping these! Every Wednesday, at 11:30 am Central European time, you can expect a “list of 5 random things”, ready for your reading!

(If you have any requests for things you might like me to write a weekly list about, be sure to let me know below!)

Book Fridays

Although I’ve always posted quite some book-related posts on here, from now on you can expect these to appear every Friday! Be it a Reading Challenges update, an #AboutBooks or a #ReviewingTheClassics-post, or even something completely different but book related, every Friday at 11:30 am Central European time one of these will be ready!

Random Sundays

And then, of course, there’s the random posts. The reviews, the recipes, or just any type of random post I come up with? They’ll be posted every Sunday at 11:30 am Central European time.
(and considering that today’s actually a Sunday and that this post could definitely be coined random? I guess this’ll just be the first of them!)
I hope you all have a great end to your week-end and an amazing week ahead of you, and be sure to let me know which of these days you’re most excited about!