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Weekly Lists #169: Favourite Content February

I feel like February was a bit of a dud. I mean, I spent the majority of the month being ill. And somehow, I didn’t really love that much content? I mean, you know, there were fun posts, entertaining videos… But not really too many things that I absolutely fell in love with, you know? However! However, there were some gems in there – and they account for this favourite content february edition!

1. The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

So I rewatched the entire thing. All *numerous* hours of this AMAZING retelling of Pride and Prejudice. And it’s still. So. Good. Honestly, I cannot recommend this series enough.

2. Having better conversations

A tip for having better conversations

Because having better conversation is something we could all do with, right?

3. Therapy Update

Just… Maybe the most important post I read this month.

4. Female friendships

12 great books that celebrate the power of female friendship

I’ve been reading a lot (more) books on female friendships specifically and – honestly? I’m here for all of it :p

5. One Day At A Time

Honestly – I’m loving this series right now. We’re about halfway through the second season, and apparently they’re in talks to make a fourth, so… You know – love this!

So, what have you been enjoying this past month? What would be in your “favourite content February”-post? Did I just miss all the *good stuff* while being ill? Be sure to leave me your links as well, if you got content out this month!