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Weekly Lists #216: Favourite March Content

March may just have been the weirdest month I’ve ever lived. At least it gave me some favourite March content!

1. OG3NE Home Isolation Versions

OG3NE is one of my favourite groups ever, and what with home isolation going on, it’s been really cool to see how they’ve dealt with this challenge. It’s also just been highlighting how freaking talented they are, so there’s that.

2. Digital housewarming party

Apparently, isolation makes creative, because I’ve honestly never seen a digital housewarming before. And of course, who doesn’t love some house decorating tips?

3. Five Year Plan

I’d never heard of doing a five year plan in the way described in this video and it basically both terrified and inspired me. The best combination, right?

4. Magical Readathon announcement

I mean – obviously. I’m participating, I’d been looking forward to this video for a while, and the prompts are so amazing!

5. Meghan Rienks stolen channel

Favourite March content can also be in a “oh no, how is this even possible this seems like it should be the plot of a surrealist post-modern play or something”-way, okay?

Anyways, what content have you been loving this past month? Especially with so many people spending more time at home, have you noticed a difference? Be sure to let me know below!


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