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Weekly Lists #203: Favourite Content October

October’s almost done, and you know what that means! It’s time for fairy lights, cosy weather – and of course: some of my favourite content October brought me!

1. The 10 best costume dramas

First of all, it’s costume drama’s. Second of all, Lex has some of my favourite style of content out there. And thirdly. Well. Did you see that hat?

2. Fanfiction – all the HP fanfiction

There’s this story on Scorpius Malfoy and Hugo Weasley which is just an all-time favourite, the one about Draco joining the Golden Trio on their search for horcruxes, Harry going to an alternate universe, … Just all the HP fanfiction, basically – approximately 30, to be exact. Yes, that’s in 1 month. No, I don’t know what came over me either.

3. 1000 Years of Pie – taste test

Or really, anything Rhet and Link. This is the first time I’ve actually really watched any of their videos. I mean, they were on the perimeter of my awareness, I knew they were out there. I’d just never thought I’d actually like their videos (don’t ask me why – I don’t know why either). But then I watched their “Will it Bagel”-video, and that was it, really…

4. America’s most admired lawbreaker

You know how, sometimes, you stumble upon an article that just makes you stop and read? Well, that’s this. It’s all about Johnson & Johnson and how the pharmaceutical world often works – suffice it to say: it’s a bit of an experience.


This may just be the most random thing I’ve ever put on a favourite content – ever. Nonetheless, it’s exam-making season, and you try to find approximately 400 phrases using 187 verbs in 13 different tenses and with 6 persons per tenses. Suffice it to say: this site may just be my saving.

What content have you been loving this past month? Any other obvious ones that I should probably have gotten to before now? Any tips and tricks on getting a lot of example-phrases to explain the French (or English, for that matter) conjugation? Be sure to let me know below! (I could really use it :p)