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Weekly Lists #64: Top 5 Cartoon Series

I know – I’ve been doing so many posts on tv series and stuff lately. But you know what? What with school back in full swing (understatement of the year much?) I’ve been rewatching a bunch of all of these. Either because they just happen to be on, or just because I really like them. Either way – here’s 5 my of my favourite cartoon series.

1. Samurai Jack

Okay, so the moment I hear the first three notes of that intro?
I’m pumped.

This series literally had everything – drama, action, intrigue, …

And of course, a hero that could just not get to his destination… Home.

Add in the lovely element of some time travelling, a couple of mythical creatures, and of course: a freakin’ Samurai, and it made for one happy *me* watching this show!

2. The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Fun fact: I never actually heard this song in its English version until I looked it up for this post just now.

And I have to admit – I actually kind of prefer the Dutch version :p

This series as a whole, though? Absolutely loved it! This was one of those series that was one the telly every evening just when I’d finished my homework, so it basically meant freedom.

Also, the fact that it’s based on a book – which I’ve since read, and also love – just made it that much better 🙂

3. Scooby-Doo

So I’ve mentioned a couple of times already that I really love detectives, and I just realised that that’s probably (at least partially) due to this series!

It was funny, it was kind of scary sometimes (hey, I was, like, 7 when I first started watching this!) and of course: it had the mystery part. Me and my sisters would just watch this series and try to guess who did it – and we absolutely loved it.

This was actually, as was Samurai Jack, one of the few movies we could watch on Cartoon Network. The channel had only a few of the shows that you English speakers got to enjoy. Especially because we kind of did still need the dubbed version, or at least the one with subtitels, and not all of the shows had that.

Even though it was the Dutch version of the network.


4. The Smurfs

I mean, I know there’s an English version of this intro out there, but you know what? It just wouldn’t feel right.

I need to hear all the names of the smurfs!

This series actually is Belgian, so it was on the telly just about all the time around here. Well, at least, that’s how I remember it 🙂

But yeah, the smurfs were a huge thing here – it’s even an accepted practice to use the verb “smurf” to teach kids how to conjugate their verbs!
(And, no – I’m actually not kidding on that one!)

5. Kids Next Door

Okay, so I didn’t really love this one all that much. However, I do have one very, very good reason for putting it on this list.

And it’s not the fact that this is another great Cartoon Network show. It’s also not that it’s about spies and codes and all that awesomeness. It’s not even that one of the coolest girls in cartoon history is featured on this show.

Nope, it’s none of that. It’s just, quite simply, this song:

It’s annoying as heck, and I still get it stuck in my head sometimes.

So obviously it had to be on this list – right?

Anyways, there you have it: 5 of my favourite cartoon series! Be sure to let me know down below what some of yours are!