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Christmas Decorations

For the twelve days of Christmas, I’ll post one list of 5 Christmas-related things each day. This time: some cute DIY decorations that I’ve come across during my own Christmas-browsing ūüôā

Now, just in case you’ve somehow managed to miss it during all my previous posts ever¬†(or you’re new around here – welcome!): I love watching YouTube videos – I have a distinct inability to focus on only one thing at a time so most days, you can find me studying French vocab or English linguistics with some sort of video haul, or diy video, or daily vlog on the background (or even a blog, so I can read a couple of phrases every other page of studying).

Combined with my love for all things Christmas, of course I’ve come across a bunch¬†of Christmas idea videos, be they decorations, or gifts, or outfits, or… so I just knew I had¬†to include some of them in this bunch of lists!

So let’s get started!

1. DIY Christmas Room Decorations, Shelby Church

These are such fun ways to decorate your room – I especially love the wreath, and I’m determined to try out the candle light holder!


2. 25 DIY Christmas Outdoor Decoration Ideas, CoCo29

Of course, it’s so much fun to decorate the outside too – you can find a bunch of¬†great ideas in this post, and they use a lot of things you might have lying around. Not to mention, they all seem pretty do-able!

3. DIY Holiday Room Decorations, Bethany Mota

One of the many, many¬†things I love about Bethany Mota is that she, quite literally, has a video for just about every type of activity¬†to do with just about every season. Christmas, of course, is no exception. These decorations are cute, adorable, not too¬†hard to make – and: they’re all so very¬†Christmassy!


4. DIY Christmas Decorations, RafaDIYLifeStyle

There are many reasons to like these ideas, but one of the biggest ones of them is, no doubt, that she focuses not just on your room, but also on the living room – and these are all really small, and do-able, so you can really make an afternoon of it, and just have fun with it! (plus: you can make Christmas ornaments, and these are also pretty do-able for kids, if you just replace the hot glue gun by ordinary superglue – with parental supervision, of course!)


5. 24 DIY Homemade Christmas Decor Ideas, countryliving

And just a bunch of cute homemade ideas to finish off – these are all ‘rustic’ and christmassy and, owkey, they look slightly more difficult to make but – come on: just look at those pics! I want them all!

So, there you have it! 5 of my favourite ideas for (DIY) Christmas decorations! Have you tried any of these? Do you have any other great ideas I can try out? Be sure to let me know below!