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Weekly Lists #179: Favourite 2019 Eurovision Songs

The Eurovision Song Contest is upon us, and every year it’s just a bit of a journey, isn’t it? There’s years where I have trouble narrowing it down to *only* 5 favourite numbers, and then there’s other years (*cough* the first half of the nillies *cough*) where I’m having trouble just finding one song I actually really like. Unfortunately, the 2019 Eurovision songs seem to lean more towards the latter end of that spectrum… I mean, for a big part of the songs? I just skipped over them… Nonetheless here’s 5 of my favourite 2019 Eurovision Songs!

1. Wake Up – Belgium

Look, I’m not saying this “just because it’s Belgium”, okay? It’s just that I was 7 songs into the playlist that collects all songs for Eurovision 2019 and this was the first one I actually found myself enjoying. Even if just a little bit. (Okay, that’s a lie, I really like this song. And that doesn’t happen a lot for the Belgian entry!)

2. Love is Forever – Denmark

There’s something kind of nostalgic about this song, and it really got me. The simplicity combined with an actually *uplifiting* message about love? And the different languages? (with an actually *okay* accent for French, even?) I approve of this message :p

3. Roi – France

Look, I was not expecting to like the French entry. Historically, I’m more likely not to like it than to do. But the melody, the lyrics and the act? Kind of got to me. So yes, colour me surprised – I like France’s act enough to put it in my top 5!

4. Heaven – Montenegro

I’m just hoping that it’ll translate well to the stage! I really like it and I like the music video and I like the instrumentals and…

5. Too Late For Love – Sweden

Last year, Austria had a song that felt somewhat similar to this one. And I absolutely loved that song. Which, apparently, is just because I like that genre? The things you learn about yourself because of Eurovision, right?

Honorable mentions

Georgia’s Keep On Going is a powerful song, if maybe a little to dark for my general enjoyment. Then again – I don’t think this is a song that necessarily needs enjoyment. Germany’s Sister is a good one if you want a female duet, whereas Greece’s Katerine Duska has a very *strong* voice that I’m quite curious how it will turn out live. And of course, I’m excited for Hungary’s entry, if only because one of my absolute favourite songs from 2017 was sung by Joci Papai as well! (Hint – it’s not only because of that. His song this year is great again). Italy went political again, while Ireland has one of the most poppy-songs from the entire competition, the UK has a surprisingly fun song…

All in all, ESC is as much of a weird mix as it has ever been and I’m ready for it! This coming Tuesday marks the start of all the craziness, so if you’re not ready for that? Well, just maybe mute my Twitter for a while – because I will be watching and enjoying it for all I’m worth!