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Weekly Lists #81: Favourite Foodstagram Accounts

Food, pretty things and usually some organisation or nice arrangements – all the best things about foodstagram and here are my favourites!

1. Julieskitchen

I don’t know about you, but to me these types of pictures just give me happiness. Because, you know, it looks so delicious, and it’s so nice and neat and clean and, ugh, I just want all of these!

2. Idafrosk

Now, this account basically takes the idea that food can be art and turns it approximately seventy times better. Probably even better than that, but you know, gotta leave some room for any possible improvements ­čÖé

3. New_fork_city

Now, this one actually kind of ties in with my love for travelling as well. Because, you know, let’s be real. The moment I ever get to be in New York? I’m trying all the streetfood and typical food and just everything!

4. Foodintheair

So basically I want to go places and eat all the food, mkay?
And, you know, the beauty of some of the places where these pictures have been taken? Absolutely amazing!

5. Culinarybrodown

Now, these are basically all the foods that you crave at 11 at night and all you can think about is getting a burger. No, just me? Okay then.

So, there you go, that’s 5 of my favourite foodstagram accounts! Now, if you find yourself by chance feeling incredibly hungry right now? Sorry, not my fault. Well, you know, I guess it kind of is! Feel free to get back at me by leaving any favourite foodstagram accounts of yours down below though!