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Weekly Lists #38: Favourite Face Products

Every week, I post a list of 5 random things – this week: 5 of my favourite face products!

So, yes, not only did I write an entire post about some of my favourite beauty products, I actually have more to say on the subject!

This post is not sponsored in any way or form. It does, however, contain affiliate links.



1. Yves Rocher Apricot Scrub / Cranberry Mask Combo



So, first things first: these two smell amazing – it’s basically like having a fruit salad on your face – but in a good way.
Second of all: that Apricot Scrub leaves my skin feeling so soft, I literally found myself touching my cheek every 5 minutes, just to feel it again.
And finally: that Cranberry Mask is the best thing I have ever put on my face and I honestly don’t know how any other mask will ever live up to it – seriously, I was getting to the point where I would get a head ache, and putting this on made me feel so refreshed that actually went away!
(Now, of course, I’m not claiming it’s gonna do that for everybody, but, well, just sayin’!)

2. Eye Care Eye Contour Wrinkle Cream

Now, here’s the thing with this one: I don’t actually use it against wrinkles.
What do I use it for, then, you ask? Well (and I apologise in advance if this is TMI): I have these really dry patches of skin on my eye lids – especially in the winter, because of the weather, they can get so dry that they actually turn into wounds. And this product, here, is literally the only thing that can actually make the dry patches go away!
I’m afraid I can’t quite tell you whether it does its job at keeping the wrinkles away (I guess I don’t really have any, but then again, I’m only 22), but it is, obviously, very hydrating without being in any way irritating to the skin – and that’s a win, in my book!

3.Clearasil Daily Clear Superfruits Refreshing Pads


Now here’s the odd thing: as I already mentioned, my skin can be really sensitive – yet, Clearasil, which I’ve heard a lot of people complain about it being too agressive, gives me no trouble whatsoever!
I always use these to take off my make up (because, well, it’s really easy like that) and they leave my skin feeling actually pretty okay – I used to just wash my face to get my make up off, but that took forever and left my skin feeling kind of raw because I did really have to scrub to get it off.
With Clearasil, on the other hand, I don’t have to rub at all (as I already said: it just comes right off!) and my face actually feels hydrated ànd smells delicious (I have a thing for Cranberries, basically 🙂 )

4. Nivea Soothing Tonic

I don’t know about you guys, but for me, Nivea still is, basically, the be-all, end-all of simple yet efficient beauty-products.
Take this tonic: my skin tends to be very overly sensitive, and because of that I had a lot of trouble with acné and such. This tonic, however, does exactly what it’s supposed to do, and has soothed my skin so I don’t actually have that much trouble with that any more!

5.Yves Rocher pore-clearing mask

And here we have the other thing that’s been helping me with any breakouts!
Literally, if you see (or feel, ‘cuz let’s face it: too often you feel those buggers days before you can see them!) a pimple coming up, just pop some of this mask on it, and it actually often makes it disappear or get a lot smaller!
Of course, it is a mask, so definitely use it as that as well, but I was told in the store to just to pop some of the creme on the zit, and it actually works!
So, there you have it, 5 of my favourite beauty products!
Would any of you be interested in a beauty-routine, or anything of the sorts? I know I love watching and reading those types of vlogs and blogs, but I’m not sure whether anybody over here would be interested in it 🙂 Be sure to let me know below!