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Favorite Things about December

So here’s a chicken and the egg-matter for you: did I start liking Christmas because it’s in December, or did I start liking December because that’s the month where Christmas is happening? No one will ever really know, probably, but one thing I can tell you. I like December for way more than just Christmas. Sure, some are related to the holidays, but even then it’s not the Christmas-link that does it for me. So here’s some of my favorite things about December!

The cold

Let’s face it, most things on this list are probably going to be a variation on this theme. I know for a fact that I’ve mentioned at least a couple of times that I’m not that big of a fan of the heat.

There is nothing I love more than walking through the cold, except maybe go in from the cold.

No, but seriously – I am a huge fan of layering clothing, sincerely love it when I can hardly feel my lips and the tip of my nose anymore.

(Don’t worry, I’ve been told I’m weird already)

The smell

Every single night, just as I go to bed, I open my bedroom window for about 5 minutes. That’s not because I like to torture myself – as I said already, I actually like the cold. But it’s not even because I want to be gold when I go to bed. No, it’s because December has this smell. It’s crisp, it’s something no other month has.

It’s basically the best thing ever, even better than that smell of rain just after it’s been too warm for too long. And I love that smell of rain just after it’s been too warm for too long!

The dark

Again, this is probably just me. And I’m extremely privileged that I can even love the dark because I can afford to have the lights (and the heating, and…) on.

But yes, I love the dark. I love that it gets dark (and cosy!) so early, I love walking to my train through the first slimmers of morning light, I love getting back and walking through the dark back home.

That thing I have where I’m really sensitive to the heat? Yeah, I have the same thing with bright light. And dusk, twilight and even nighttime? The perfect time for me.

Endings and new beginnings

December brings not only Christmas but only the New Year. And this is basically the same reason I get so excited about the end of August. People as a group, I feel like, thrive on the idea that a new beginning is coming. And December gives me exactly that.

With that marking of old and new also come so many amazing stories, myths and legends and the history-buff in me? Not mad about that either 🙂

What do you love most about December? Be sure to let me know below! And do have a look at the rest of my Blog-mas posts!