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2021 Christmas TBS

Look, more good intentions I can totally disappoint myself in! (at least if I set myself these expectations, it’ll hopefully be the only thing I’m disappointing myself in this season, right? Right.) Anyways, it’s time for the least fulfilled part of any Blog-mas series I’ve ever done: my 2021 Christmas TBS. Also known as the movies I want to see, and will (realistically) never get to.

The returning classics

  • The Sound of Music
    Because: reasons – and those reasons include, but are not limited to: this movie is broadcasted every year around Christmas, so even though it doesn’t actually take place any time near the holidays, it still feels like a Christmas classic to me
  • Lord of the Rings
    Because we watch the entire series every year between Christmas and New Year’s Eve and I see absolutely no reason to halt that beautiful tradition
  • Harry Potter
    Or even: just a compilation of all holiday scenes in all of the movies. Surely that must be a thing, right?
  • Eloise
    Also known as: the movie I have to watch every year, because is it even Christmas if I didn’t?

The “maybe one day”s

  • The Holidate
    I really wanted to watch this one last year and then, naturally, I didn’t. So maybe this year’ll be the one?
  • Let it Snow
    I really enjoyed the book this series is based on, so I actually do have great hopes for this one. Am I also scared it’ll disappoint, and because of that: reluctant to actually watch it? Maybe
  • The Christmas Chronicles 2
    Honestly, I really enjoyed the first movie in this, now, duology, but I never really got around to watching the second one. Don’t worry, though, I’ve been told I really really should.

Here’s the one thing I’m still missing out on: any movies made more recently, or even this year. Do you know of any Christmas movies I should really get around to watching? Any great ones that you thoroughly enjoyed? Be sure to let me know below, and happy watching!