Christmas,  Holidays

First Sunday of Christmas

Every single year, the period just before Christmas is… Honestly? A bit of a mess. From technological things going (really) wrong, to random deadlines that appear out of nowhere, to kitchenstuff randomly breaking down. So, this year, to kind of keep myself in check, and to make sure I actually get some relaxation in, I figured I’d keep myself accountable through an occasional update – starting on this first Sunday of Christmas!

Stress all around

Now when I say that the period just before Christmas tends to be stressful, this week was a prime example of that. From random programme’s just deciding not to work anymore, to the update to end all updates, which was then followed by a request to, you guessed it… Update the device…

Combine that with a healthy amount of last-minute emergency-meetings and a lot of work that took way longer than anticipated and, well… Suffice it to say that by Friday night I was dead on my feet, and my weekend doesn’t even start until Saturday evening!

Fun preparations

Luckily, it wasn’t all stress. For one thing, I had my second wedding dress fitting on Saturday. And getting to see that slowly become reality, and somehow be even better than I could’ve hoped… Well, it was ‘kind of really amazing (if you live in Belgium, and are in need of a custom made dress, definitely check out de Rode Schaar!)

Other than that, there was also the discovery of a new Asian supermarket, which led to me finally being able to get some fresh kimchi, which led to a Thursday lunch of kimchi fried rice and I just… That was basically like the only highlight of that entire day, so, you know 🙂

Christmas stuff

Our Christmas decorations been up since November 11th, so nothing really changed in that regard. However, we both made an Advent calendar for each other this year, and it’s honestly been my favourite thing ever. Just being able to open that up every day, knowing that the bf actually put the time and effort into making that… I just really love it!