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Christmas Dream Locations

A general hint: I love cold. And snow. Grey skies. And hail, and fog and frost. Basically everything that most people seem to hate about winter? I love. Which plays heavily – heavily – into my Christmas dream locations. Because, you know… That whole white Christmas thing people sing about? It’s one of my main life goals. Who knew. Either way, let’s see some dreamy locations to spend Christmas!

1. Fountains Abbey (England)

Source: Francesca Roberts Fine Art

Fountains Abbey is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful places in all of England. I’ve visited it at the height of summer and when it was covered in snow. It’s beautiful either way – but covered in snow? It’s absolutely breath taking, and to this day: it’s one of the most gorgeous scenes I’ve ever taken in.

Source: National Trust

2. Harrods (London, England)

You know how sometimes you go somewhere and you just know: this is what they wrote old-school (as in: 50s) Christmas movies about? Well, that’s Harrods around Christmas.

Source: Daily Mail

For the entirety of winter, really, but still – buying your Christmas presents here? Instant-Christmas-mood just about guaranteed!

3. Lapland

Source: Nordic Visitor

I mean, this is where Santa lives. Why wouldn’t you want to spend Christmas here?

4. New York (USA)

Source: Travel Away

I blame this one on nothing but Christmas movies, basically. Whether they be Serendipity, Home Alone 2 or even Eloise at Christmas Time, Christmas movies have a way of making New York seem like the perfect place to be around Christmas.

Source: The Travel Magazine

Also, there seems to be snow there quite often – and again: I want a cold, freezing, crisp holiday. As far as I’m concerned, even Easter could be freezing 🙂

5. Stockholm (Sweden)

Source: Routes North

I feel like everybody knows at this point that I love Sweden without ever having been there. Pippi Longstocking, you know. Also, again: snow. Lots of it. And cold. And little hours of sunlight. All things I love, really.

Source: My Little Adventure

6. Vienna (Austria)

Every year around Christmas, The Sound of Music is played on tv. And every year, I dream of going to Austria, to visit Saltzburg, to go to the opera in Vienna… This is one of those cities that has always spoken to my imagination, regardless of whether it’s winter or not really. But at Christmas time? Yeah, that’s a huge bonus. (Especially since I read Dreaming of Christmas!)

Source: The Culture Trip

Anyways, where would you like to go for Christmas? What’s your ideal dream location? Be sure to let me know below! And of course: while you’re here, feel free to check out the rest of this year’s blogmas as well as my other Christmas-content!