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Favourite Blogmas Posts

How is it that it’s already almost Christmas? I mean, seriously – it’s Christmas’ Adam! (See Overstuffed Life for an explanation on that one :p ) Anyways, I’ve seen a lot of fun posts floating by the last couple of weeks, so – as tradition demands – here’s some of my favourite blogmas posts!

1. Christmas gift inspiration collection

A Christmas gallery

I did quite a couple of gift guides myself, both this year and the last couple of years. But if there’s one thing I can always appreciate, it’s more inspiration for what to give for Christmas. Or ask, naturally. And there’s so many bookish ideas in this post!

2. Christmas around the world

There are few things I love as much as comparing things around the world. How is the educational system set up around the world? What literature are people presented with as they grow up? What nursery rhymes are children taught? And, in this case: what is Christmas like around the world? It’s utterly fascinating, at times unexpected, and mostly: a lot of fun to find out all these facts!

3. Nostalgic Christmas decorations

Nostalgic Christmas Tree & Family Room

4. Christmas traditions

I’m a huge fan of traditions. As a matter of fact, I often feel a bit lost  if any of those fall away. They’re comfort, in a way. And I also really love to learn about other people’s traditions. There’s something so incredibly soothing about hearing about all types of cosiness, isn’t there?

5. Vlogmas

This is such a classic thing, but, you know… Zoella went to Bruges. Which is a city in Belgium. A city which I go to quite regularly. And she’s right about at least one thing: it’s basically Christmas city-fied. You know – to the extent that that’s actually a word.

What posts have you loved most this past blogmas? Any of my Christmas-content you loved particularly? Be sure to let me know below!