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Christmas Specials

For the twelve days of Christmas, I’ll post one list of 5 Christmas-related things each day. This time: 5 of my all time favourite specials dedicated to Christmas from some of my favourite shows!

1.“A Christmas Carol”, Doctor Who

It has Charles Dickens and Doctor Who, as well as Dumbledore – what else could anybody possibly need? Oh, that’s right: this song:

2. “The One with Phoebe’s Dad“, Friends

What I loved about this episode more than anything, is that Chandler and Joey don’t have time to actually buy present for the others, because they were helping Phoebe – unsuccesfully, but still – gather the courage to walk up to her father’s house for the first time. Do they end up giving their friends the most random stuff? Yes. Does that just make it better? Absolutely:

3. “A Very Tanner Christmas“, Full House

I love Full House – I love it so much! And not only does this episode have Stephanie and Michelle learning the true meaning of Christmas, it has 3 Santa Clauses, as well as a surprise White Christmas!

4.”Glee Actually“, Glee

This one, I didn’t actually like all that much – I have to admit that the music in A Very Glee Christmas and in Extraordinary Merry Christmas was probably ‘better’ – but I love love the ending, where Sue actually gives the best present she might have thought of and people actually acknowledge her doing so – by singing this song…


5. “A Very Topanga Christmas“, Boy Meets World // “Girl Meets Home for the Holiday“, Girl Meets World

Yes, this is actually 2 episodes – but there’s a reason for my putting them together: Girl Meets World is actually the follow-up series to Boy Meets World, both of these Christmas specials are at least slightly Topanga-centered ànd: they’re both prettttyyyy awesomeeee 🙂 (Seriously!) (and there’s Shawn and Toby and Alan and Amy and aaaaahhh all the feelings!)


So there you have it, 5 of my favourite ever Christmas Episodes – what are yours? Do you have any suggestions? Be sure to let me know down below – I’m off to rewatch all of the above mentioned ones 🙂
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