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Christmas movies not to watch

For all that I always gush about all the movies I want to watch, whenever the Christmas season comes around… One might almost forget that there’s actually quite a few movies I’m fiercely ignoring the existence of as well. And of course – in order to know what to spend ones time on, one must first know which Christmas movies not to watch -right?

The Princess Switch

(or any of its sequels)

For all that I absolutely loved her in the High School Musical-series, these days I’m finding it hard to enjoy most movies which feature Vanessa Hudgens. I don’t think it’s her acting, really, it’s just that none of the movies she’s featured in, recently, have really been my thing. And although one might assume that I would enjoy the sheer amount of Christmas clich├ęs this movie offers? It’s just not doing it for me…

A Christmas Prince

Again – or any of its sequels

Is it just me, or is this story kind of a rip-off of The Prince and Me? I mean, sure, to what extent any Christmas movie ever isn’t a rip-off of another one, at any point, is always up for discussion, but still… The funny thing is that The Prince and Me isn’t even really a Christmas movie as such – I just saw it for the first time around Christmas. None the less, it makes it kind of hard to enjoy A Christmas Prince, considering I’m just making comparisons to the (in my head) OG all the time.

Holiday in the Wild

Now, in this case? It’s definitely a matter of “the actress ruined it for me”. And it’s not even so much the actress, as it is her previous roles. You see – I never liked Sex and the City. One might even go as far as to say I very strongly disliked it. The consequence? Now I can hardly watch any movies that feature any of the cast. Which means I’ve also not yet seen that Halloween movie featuring Sarah Jessica Parker everyone’s always gushing about, by the way…

A Bad Moms Christmas

Hello, my name is Saar, and I don’t like cringe. Considering I started watching the original Bad Moms-movie, and had to stop because of… Well, the cringe? I wasn’t really looking forward to the Christmas version either. I lasted about 15 minutes, if that. Maybe it’s just me, maybe I should’ve just stuck it out a little bit longer… But either way – not trying that again.

Do you get what I mean when I say there’s an entire collection of movies I kind of have on a “not to watch” list? Or is that just a me-thing? (Please tell me it’s not just a me-thing!) Be sure to let me know below!