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Seasonal Music

For the twelve days of Christmas, I’ll post one list of 5 Christmas-related things each day. This time: 5 of my favourite Christmas songs and some of my all-time favourite seasonal music!

Anybody who knows me, is aware of the fact that I love Christmas. I love the music, the gift-giving, the food, the tree, the music, the films, and did I mention the music? It’s actually gotten so bad that my dad has imposed the rule that no Christmas music may be played out loud until Sinterklaas (Saint Nicholas, December 6th) has passed. However, that doesn’t stop me from playing it in my room, or when I’m at university, in my dorm from as early as October (it used to be July or August, there’s a reason that rule’s there).
So here are a few of my absolute favourite Christmas songs, with videos – enjoy watching and listening, and Happy Holidays!

1. It Came Upon A Midnight Clear, Celtic Woman


This is a more pop-ish version of this song, but I absolutely love her voice, and I really just plain old love the Celtic Woman-Christmas Tours as well – I just feel like their voices together just have such a lovely effect, and collaborate so well on these types of songs…

2. White Christmas, Bing Crosby



This is just one of those songs that are Christmas to me – they are so connected to the season, and of course: Bing Crosby’s lovely voice just makes this song that more appealing to listen to – like, 5 times in a row perhaps…

3. Do They Know It’s Christmas, Band Aid


Now, this isn’t technically one of those traditional Christmas songs, but it’s played so often around the Holidays, that this song, too, has become just part of the traditions and the season. And of course, the original version is the best!

4. Christmas Story, Doris Day


I love Doris Day. Let me just start off by that – I feel like her vocals are such an excellent example of what music in the 50s could be like, and I love the feeling of a sort of ‘homecoming’ that I always get when I hear her singing any Christmas song – however, it’s this one that I especially love, even if I don’t know exactly why…

5. Oh Holy Night, Celtic Woman


This one is it – this is the ultimate Christmas song. I could easily listen to it 10 times in a row (trust me, I have more than once) and especially in this version, the moment Maeve hits that highest note – it just gives me goose bumps, in the best possible way… (Also: yes, I do realise that I have Celtic Woman twice, but what can I say? I seriously love them!)
So there you have it, 5 of my all-time favourite Christmas songs. What are your favourite seasonal songs? Do you think I missed any? Do you prefer certain versions over others, even when it’s really just the same song? Let me know below!
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