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2020 Christmas Movie TBS

Every year, I start the month of December with high hopes – all the books I’ll read, all the things I’ll do… And all the films I’ll see. Realistically? Not much comes of any of that. Ever. Nonetheless, though, here I am, yet again… With my 2020 Christmas movie TBS (to be seen).


I expect clich├ęs, romance, over the top-ness, and a lot of Christmas feel-good. Also, it’s Emma Roberts, I’m expecting to be amused, if nothing else.

Let It Snow

I loved the book – and then promptly ignored the fact that it was made into a movie. This holiday season, I’m hoping to correct that.

Home for Christmas

Honestly? The first thing that attracted me to this series, was the fact that it wasn’t in English. Add in Scandinavia, holidays, and a female lead I’m already expecting to love? Well, you’ve basically got yourself a guaranteed hit, right? Right?

Dash & Lily

This is basically the thing I’ve always wanted to do – come on, a bookish treasure hunt? I mean, apart from the fact that this could be kind of creepy in real life? Anyways, I’ll just live vicariously through this series, mkay?

The Man Who Invented Christmas

Charles Dickens, okay? Also, the guy who plays Matthew in Downton Abbey. What else do you need, really? (Apart from the fact that he looks kind of unstable in the still of this trailer)

The Nutcracker and the Four Realms

I’ve been saying I want to see this movie since it came out – and this year will be the year. I just know it.

Anyways, what’s on your Christmas movie TBS? What holiday sweetness are you hoping to fill your December evenings with? Be sure to let me know below!


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