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Favourite Christmas blogposts

Every year I write a bunch of Christmas posts. And every year, I find myself thinking: other people are so much better at this than I am. And every year? I make a list of those people (or at the very least: those posts). Just for you. So you can enjoy along, with my favourite Christmas blogposts!

Ultimate Guide for the Best Christmas Markets in Europe

While Belgium has Christmas markets, it doesn’t really quite do it like Germany, France and other – more snowy – countries do it. I’m talking all out, festive, Christmassy, I want to be there Christmas markets. As soon as I read this post, I basically started planning my trip to all of them. At which point I realised that – oh yeah – I’ve got work. But still, especially the ones in France and Germany: I’m completely planning on going there next year.

For now? I’ll just have to settle for looking at the (amazing) pictures included in this post!

(Another great Christmas-post on this same blog is her “25 Photos that will inspire you to spend Christmas in Europe“. I live in Europe, and I still wanted to move to wherever she is!)

Holiday Gift Guide

Blair Blogs comes up in my monthly favourite blogposts-posts, so I suppose it’s only natural she should be in this one as well. But seriously – those gift ideas? I kind of love all of them! And her way of just being, throughout this video? A big fan of that as well 🙂

First signs of Christmas

My first signs of Christmas

Because, basically? All of this is me. Except for the bit where she got send an advent’s calendar. I’d quite like that – maybe a goal for next year? 🙂

Book gifting ideas

Quick Lit: 9 excellent books for gifting this season

If it’s Christmas, you should be giving and receiving books. Coming from me, that really should not be a surprise. So a fun, quick list, to give me some more options to gift? Always a good idea!

Gift ideas that give back

Because, naturally, just one post of gift ideas wouldn’t be enough…

Seriously, though, I really love this idea of, even when just choosing a gift, making sure it’s something that will do some good. Maybe in the smallest or most random of ways. But giving back is giving back, so there!

What blogposts have you been loving this holiday season? Any of mine that stood out to you? Be sure to let me know below!