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Board Games Gift Ideas

One of the things I’m facing increasingly, year after year, is the fact that everyone in my life basically already has everything they need. Sure, there might be some stuff here or there that they would like, but can’t convince themselves to buy, but… Largely? I’m starting to have to be a bit more creative with my presents. However, there’s one thing that always makes for a good one, the one that keeps on giving, so to speak, so here are some of my board games gift ideas!

The edited board games

Do you know whether the person you’re looking for a present for is part of any fandoms? Why not check whether there’s a board game available in an edition dedicated to that fandom? Clue (or as we call it: Cluedo) and Monopoly are especially good for that, to the point that we personally own about 4 versions of the latter, and 2 of the former. I mean – if there’s a Harry Potter Cluedo and a Star Wars Monopoly, naturally we had to get it right!

The expansions

Luckily, a lot of board games also offer expansion packages. Especially games like Catan, Jungle Speed, Time’s Up and others like it are pretty good at that. What’s even better: new expansions keep on coming out, so you basically have a gift idea for every second year 🙂

The funny

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this story on here, but I tend to get just a tad bit competitive when it comes to board games. That means, one the one hand, that I have scars on my back from playing Jungle Speed, but also that, if I realise I can’t win, I tend to try and make everyone else suffer as much as possible as well. Because of that, sometimes it’s better if the board games we play aren’t quite so obviously about winning. Cards Against Humanity was probably the first game I really enjoyed in that way, although Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza was the game that really, truly convinced me of the joy that is card games.

The personal touch

Probably my favourite thing about a lot of board games, is that you can often find new gems that basically knows yet, and even better: you can give them a personal touch. Take, for example, Time’s Up – what better way than to lighten a night up than by adding all of your family to the game? Or the musicians everybody loves? Even better, games like What do you Meme can basically be tailor made just for your friend group.

Honestly, games are the gift that keep on giving and more people should appreciate them for that – there, I said what I said! What other games can you recommend? Any classics I should get back into my life? Any discoveries you’ve made in this past year? Be sure to let me know below!