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Gift Ideas for a Bookworm

So this year, I decided to make my month of December extra hard. Because every single day, up to and including Christmas, I will be posting one blog. The subject can range from gift ideas to favourite songs – but posted it will be. Every Saturday, that will be some Gift Ideas. Today’s post? Gift Ideas for a Bookworm!

Now, I feel like I should probably warn you: I 100% consider myself a bookworm, so I do a lot of research into this subject. And of course, that could have only one consequence: there’s kind of a lot of these. Sorry?

This post is not sponsored in any way or form. It does, however, contain affiliate links.

1. Book Clock

Source: This is Why I’m Broke

I mean, I don’t know about you, but I see this and I just go I want. Not only is it absolutely gorgeous, it’s useful ànd it’s books. What more could I need?

2. Book Necklace

Source: Jewelry By Compliment
Source: Jewelry By Compliment

The person behind this Etsy account is, without any doubt, one talented gem! I’ve basically been eyeing these necklaces since the day after my birthday (because I’m smart and didn’t think to look for these types of gifts until the day after my birthday, of course). Either way, these would be an absolutely amazing gift, and in my experience, Etsy-gifts tend to be really good value for money!

3. Bookish printables

Source: Bookishly UK
Source: Bookishly UK

Don’t worry, I know that there’s entirely too many of of these out there. So of course, I have some favourites to share with you . The one above has a quote from Little Women, which might just be one of my favourite classics ever. I even did my bachelor’s dissertation on it!

The one below is more generally bookish, but I mean, come on – books and a cup of tea, who doesn’t love that combination?

Source: FabFunky
Source: FabFunky

4. Book candles

Source: Frostbeard
Source: Frostbeard

Basically, you can give me any candle that’s inspired by books and I’ll be happy. Then, of course there’s a whole bunch of these that are inspired by particular books – for example, Mud in my Blood has an entire range devoted to nothing but Harry Potter characters, items, and concepts. Need I say more?

5. Book Phone Cover

Source: Twelve South Book

Literally the only downside I can think of with this one, is that it’s specific for iPhone – I mean that says something, right?

Pretty similar to that are some of those amazing Kindle (and in general: e-book) cases. I mean, just look at this beauty:

Source: British Library eReader Case

6. Digital Classic Books

Source: Miles Kimball

So as far as cool little bookish gadgets go, this one has to be somewhere in the top 10! Not only does it look adorable, it apparently contains 3000 classic books! That’s a thousand times THREE! (and yes, the amazingness of that currently has me going back to very simple mathematics because – wow. 3000 is a lot)

7. Book Sweater

Source: NerdGirlTees
Source: NerdGirlTees

Another gem from Etsy, this sweater is one that I need – like, physically. This is so utterly perfect – and so the kind of life I wish I had. And it’s supposed to really nice and warm as well! What more could your resident bookworm need on those long winter nights?

8. Memory for Book Lovers

Source: Memory Challenge

So, basically: either you win at this game, or you get to fill up your TBR – you win either way, right? Right! Also, I just want to be able to put this somewhere to prove that I really am a book lover. Is that stupid?

9. Book Matchbox Set

Source: Out of Print Clothing
Source: Out of Print Clothing

So… Need a match? Because that’s exactly what these are: a set of tiny little matchboxes that are dressed up like banned books. Isn’t that the cutest thing ever?

Also, basically anything you find at Out of Print would be perfect for any book lover you know – they have everything book-ified. It’s perfect.

10. Bookish pillows


Lauren from Bookworm Boutique has some of the most amazing designs, and the best part? You can order just about all of them in any way or form! On a pillow? check! On a tote bag? no problem! On a mug? you got it!

(Also, she’s a really nice person, so just for that reason, her stuff should be on your wish list!)

11. Bookish tote bag

Now, I have to be honest – Out of Print and Bookworm Boutique have some amazing tote bags as well. But my absolute favourite? That’s this one, from FictionTea.

Fun fact: yes, I do own this one myself – I won it in Bookworm Boutique’s 100k giveaway :p And if any of you were wondering: I’m either a Ravenclaw or a Hufflepuff – it kind of depends on the day I’m taking the test 🙂

Anyways, there you have it – that was the first of this year’s Christmas posts, and of course: some of my gift ideas (tips) for a bookworm! Be sure to let me know what you’re going to be buying your resident bookworm this year, and see you tomorrow!