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Favourite Celtic Woman Christmas Songs

In case it hadn’t become incredibly clear through last year’s favourite Christmas song list – and the year before that, and the year before that, and the yearYou get the picture. I really love the Celtic Woman Christmas albums. Something about the way they cover seasonal music in a way that is so utterly them… Well, it’s just one of those things that I will always love it. The best of the best though? At least – right now, that is? Those would have to be these Celtic Woman Christmas Songs!

Now, because I know myself – and also because, realistically, I could easily include any Celtic Woman Christmas song in my “favourites” list, I’ve decided to try and limit myself to maximum 3 songs per primary Christmas album. And – yes – that was difficult enough as it is. So let’s go way back and start with the golden oldies!

A Christmas Celebration

This was their first Christmas album, dating back to 2006, and it was also the album that definitely sold me on Celtic Woman.

Carol of the Bells

You know that scene in Home Alone where Kevin is preparing for his house to be invaded? That sequence has given me an infinite love for this song. It’s also, in other words, made me incredibly opinionated on what versions are actually good. This one? It’s great. (although, it has to be mentioned: their 2019 version is pretty darn fantastic as well!)

Drummer Boy

A fairly similar story for this song: I’ve always loved it – ever since I saw the Jessica and Ashley Simpson version of it when I was like 12. Either way, I especially love the choir-parts in this song – how amazing are they?

Christmas Pipes

In the case of this song, I think my main love stems from the fact that the Celtic Woman-version was the first time ever I heard this song. Do you ever have that? That the first version you hear is the version that you measure all others by?

Home for Christmas

Slightly more recent, this album featured the “come back” of Méav Ni Mhaolchatha – which was pretty good, considering the magnificant high notes she hit throughout some of my favourite moments in this show.

We Three Kings

This may sound kind of ridiculous, but the reason I love this song is that it helps me sleep. Let me explain – the lead up to the holidays is always one of the busiest at work (and before that: in my studies). Non-stop deadlines, non-stop viruses trying to ruin my health, a pile-up of sleep deprivation… I mean, there’s a reason I’m always ill during Christmas break. Anyways, whenever I really can’t sleep during those days, there’s just something about this song that calms me right down and that always helps me to just relax. And if nothing else, then just for that reason: I love it.

The Light of Christmas Morn

I feel like it’s really obvious from my reasons for loving the songs on this album, at what point in my life I started listening to them more. None the less: see the above – stress, and sleep, and an incredibly calming effect on my frayed nerves? Combined with an incredibly beautiful edition of one of my favourite Christmas songs to begin with? Of course this had to be on any Celtic Woman Christmas songs list!

In the Bleak Midwinter

Look, I just really love Maev’s voice, okay? From the moment I heard the first Celtic Woman-album, her and Orla’s voices have been my vocal goals. And how beautiful do her vocals come across in this song?

The Magic of Christmas

This year’s addition to their Christmas repertoire has basically been on constant repeat since it was published for international public on November 19. And there are so many fun versions of songs that I already knew and loved on this album!

Sleigh Ride

If I’m taking about fun versions, this is automatically the first one that comes to mind. After all, this is such a fun song – I’m aware that many of the songs I’ve mentioned so far are more so on the classic side of things (on ne discute pas des gouts et des couleurs and all that jazz). This song, though? This one’s just pure unadulterated fun.

Amid the Falling Snow

This is another song that I had never heard before this album. And also another one on the “helps me get to sleep”-list. And also… honestly, it just went straight to my most favourite ever Christmas songs ever. Basically.

Angels We Have Heard on High

This is what I mean when I say that Celtic Woman can really make songs their own. For years I’ve had to sing this song each and every single year, to the point where I actually didn’t like it any more. Like – at all. And now CW has come in and changed even that one sure thing!

Let’s be real – and I know I’ve mentioned this already, but it bears repeating: I could easily just add every single Celtic Woman Christmas song ever in this list. And I actually have a Spotify list where I have done just that. But, you know – needs must be, and absolute favourites had to be chosen. Did I keep a couple up my sleep for my “general Christmas music favourites”? You bet I did – but I guess you’ll just have to follow along with the rest of my blog-mas to find out which ones those are!


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