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Secret Santa Gift Guide

It’s that time of year, where you have to go to holiday-parties, end of year get togethers, and of course: Secret Santa events. And, let’s be real – what could be less stress-inducing than the idea that you have to find a (relatively) perfect present for someone you don’t really know that well?

Gift cards

If you’re really short on time, or you just plain old don’t have any inspiration? Get a gift card. It should be fairly easy to find out what “your person” likes (in the vaguest of terms, naturally). All you have to do then? Adapt. If they’re big into coffee: Starbucks. If they’re into tech: a local tech shop, or an online vendor. If they’re into books: your local independent bookstore. And of course, if they’re into a little bit of everything and a lot of nothing? The plain old general store – be it Amazon or a local one near you!

And the best thing about gift cards? You can usually buy them in bulk, and as such, get them a bit cheaper than you would normally – so you can easily get multiple gifts at a lower price point!


This is usually the student-version – but really, what can you get for 5 bucks or less? Well, quite a lot, actually – if you’re creative and don’t mind working on some DIY-gifts!

First off, the dollar store is your friend – especially because it allows you to combine a couple of things. If you know their favourite candies and snacks, why not make them a “peuzelzak”? (a bag filled with the things they love to nibble on)

If they’re into cosy nights in, you can easily find some really cheap fluffy socks, combine them with a couple of packages of hot cocoa, maybe some biscuits to go with it, and there you go!

If they’re into self care, why not go for a simple hand creme, a little file, a loofah, …

You get the idea!


This is the price point where I’d go for a combination. Either something a little more fancy, like a really nice cup, or a gift card, combined with some cheaper items.

Alternately, this is the price point where you can start getting into the fun, yet absolutely pointless, gadgets. Weirdly shaped straws (metal or glass, naturally, so they’re reusable), little fans, …

If you work in a busy environment, some items aimed at relaxation might also be a hit – desk versions of pool, of oxo, a book they might enjoy, … But again: the key here is to combine whatever the “main item” is, with some smaller items that really hint that you know them – preferably way better than they anticipated, but without being creepy!


First of all, what kind of fancy Secret Santa do you have going on? Second of all, once you go above this price point, your possibilities are basically endless – so good for you! This is the price point where people usually will give a list for what they might like – especially considering you’re spending enough money that many people could eat off of that for a good week.

Nonetheless, if you really want to make an impact? Make sure to go beyond just what they’ve asked – in general, it’s always good to check out multiple options, but as you’ll usually only get one “main gift”? Well, use the other items on their “requested list” for inspiration – for a secondary gift at a way lower price point!

Is it obvious yet that I use gifts as a way to express affection? And that I may want to always trump everybody else’s gifts? (Please tell me I’m not the only one?)

Go ahead and check out the rest of my blogmas posts, and of course: let me know below what your tactic is for Secret Santa gifts!


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