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Gift Guides for Gamers

If there’s one thing I’ve learned since I started dating the bf? There are few people harder to buy presents for than a gamer. Honestly, you’d think you’d get infinite gifting-possibilities with someone who has such a clearly defined field of interest. However, it turns out that’s only useful if, you know… They don’t actually buy themselves whatever they need. Which, as it turns out, gamers as a race? They do do. So, basically, this list is just some inspiration for me… And as I forbade the bf to read my blog during blog-mas (this is a recurring theme for my entire family, by the way)? Here’s my gift guide for gamers!

1. The technical

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Now, this might just be me – but I think it’s quite funny that this entire category is basically black and white. Don’t worry, that’s not the case for this entire post!

1. Wireless charger: this is something of a recurring theme for this part, but I find that the bf is very much preoccupied with constantly having all his appliances charged. Which, admittedly, is understandable. You know, if you need to have about 6 things on the go non-stop? Then a wireless charger like this might be useful! (Amazon)

2. Memory foam cushion: don’t write this one off just because it’s a cushion, okay? When you’re sitting down for hours on end – which, again, the bf is wont to do? You’d better be sitting comfortably. And in a way that won’t harm you too much. So a nice orthopedic cushion? Might just be what the gamer in your life needs! (Amazon)

3. Multi-charger: again with the chargers – I know. And this isn’t even the last one. But honestly, for the amount of times I’ve heard the frustrations of having your phone, headphones and gaming mouse running out of battery at the same time? Anything less would you have reaching for this as a game! (Amazon)

4. Sennheiser headphones: or, really, any type of decent headphones that at the very least have passive noise cancellation. The bf’s had and (ab)used this exact headphones for a couple of years now, and the sound quality really is pretty great. I even got the non-wireless model myself, a couple of months ago. Let me tell you – hearing your music more clearly while hearing everything else less? That’s not something to be scoffed at! Although I will say, from the perspective of someone living with a gamer – don’t go for the active noise cancellation. You will never be able to speak to them again :p (Sennheiser)

5. Power Bank: I feel like just about everyone has a power bank, these days, and that’s for a good reason. One of the things that makes me most uncomfortable is when my phone battery is on that critical edge of “will I make it home”. And guess what – if you need your phone or headphone for gaming? It’s apparently even more awful! Again, this is the power bank we’ve loved and used for a couple of years now, and there’s no signs of any wear on it yet! (Amazon)

6. Gaming mouse: honestly? I don’t get this one. But then again, I’m the kind of person who uses the mouse pad of my laptop. Which, apparently, makes the bf severely uncomfortable. Either way, this is a must. Apparently. And makes all the difference. Apparently. Just take the bf’s word for it :p (Amazon)


2. The useful

Also known as: how can I make the bf’s life easier while he’s gaming? This is basically just a list of making sure your significant gamer doesn’t break any glasses or fry his computer while gaming – both have been near misses in our case :p

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1. Unbreakable glasses: I mean, do I necessarily believe these really can’t break? No. Would it be nice if they were slightly harder to break? Yes. Because, you know, if sudden moves are required to get that final goal in Rocket League? It’d give me some piece of mind to know at least the glass won’t break :p (Amazon)

2. Unstainable straws: to be used in combination with the previous or alone. Either way, each household should have these for environmentally friendly cocktails, right? (Amazon)

3. Unpushable mugs: okay, so, I know I referred to this already, but let me just reiterate really quickly: any objects containing any liquids on the bf’s desk-area while gaming? Not safe. In this mug? They are. As in, I’ve had this mug for over 2 years, and at one point I tripped over it – I fell, the mug was still there! (The plastic ones aren’t great for keeping the temperature high for long periods, but it definitely does its job for a couple of hours.) (Mighty Mug)

3. The extra

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1. Gaming shirts: did I have entirely too much fun looking for fun prints that relate to gaming? Yes. Would I do it all over? Absolutely. You can play it safe with the purely visual (I had to giggle at that coffee mug/battery, and I really liked the concept of that unplugged one).
Naturally, there has to be some snarky ones as well (I’m using that “leveling up”-thing from now, and I could so hear the bf say something like “I paused my game to be here” on any occasion! And he’s a true party-animal in this sense of the word, surely!)
And of course, I’m fairly sure anyone knows at least a gamer that is also either a) the DM or b) complaining about their DM :p

2. Rubic’s cube: the advanced edition. I don’t really know if this is a guy-thing (it certainly seems to be in my circles), or specifically gamers-thing… But then again, the Venn-diagram of the guys in my environment and gamers in my environment is just about a circle). Either way, rubic’s cubes are an awesome gift, because they make great decoration for a good gaming-desk, as well as a fun distraction! (Amazon)

3. Nintendo Classic Mini: look, I’m a sucker for nostalgia. If you’ve been around on this blog for a while? You probably knew that already. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that I’m quite taken by the nostalgic factor of this one. It’s actually not that much of a splurge, and I do feel like most gamers my age would get that great nostalgic feel from some of these games! (Argos)

4. Super Mario Chess Game: the bf is a chess-player, and he has a thing about Super Mario. I guess it’s kind of the ultimate game to end all games? I dunno – as might have become clear: there’s a lot of these things I don’t get. But another chess board, especially one as funny as this? That’s a must-give, even in my books! (Amazon)

What are you giving your local gamer this Christmas? I will tell you that, as I’m writing this, I haven’t quite made my mind up yet between a couple of things – but I do know that, whatever the game will be? It’s on this list. (Let’s see some guesses for what the winner will be!) If you want more Christmas-posts, or just would like to read the rest of this year’s blogmas? Be sure to check out the tags!