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Classic Christmas Movies

Every once in a while, I’m in need of some old-fashioned comfort. A hot drink, a soft blanket, and some classic Christmas movies to get me through the night… What more could I want, really?

The Shop Around the Corner

I mean, first of all: it’s James Stewart. Second of all: it’s James Stewart. Thirdly – this entire movie’s premises just sounds lovey.

It’s A Wonderful Live

I mean, this is such a classic of “I wish my life were different” or “it’d be better if I weren’t” and – especially around the holidays? That’s a feeling that can be all too recognisable. Should everyone then be visited by their own Clarence to make things right? No, sure not – but sometimes? Well, sometimes it’s just nice to imagine your influence on other people might’ve been a good one, right?

White Christmas

The movie that started off my obsession with classic Christmas movies – although, at the time, the people I was watching it with? Did not help in me appreciating it. If anything, they mocked me semi-relentlessly for loving it so much. Fun fact: I’m no longer friends with those people – but I do still watch this movie about every year 🙂

Meet Me In St Louis

For all that I didn’t actually love this movie, it’s certainly stuck with me more than many others have. To this day, if either me or the bf hears someone say “meet me at”, we automatically start singing the song. It has to happen, okay?

What other classics could you recommend me? There’s so many out there, that at times it can get a bit (well, more than a bit) overwhelming. So I’d certainly love your short list down below!


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