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Gift Guide for Stocking Fillers

As anyone who’s ever been gifted anything by me can tell you: I love stocking fillers. I’m a firm believer that, if you only add up enough stocking fillers. You will always get the best possible gift. Especially because I like to get people the kind of stocking fillers that are both cute ànd useful. I mean, honestly – why would you go for just the one if you can, so easily, combine the two?

To wear

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1. Cute socks: I know that socks get a bad rep. But honestly, have you ever found a pair of socks that’s just the right amount of crazy? And that you feel happy any time you put them on? Why not give that feeling to someone else! (Happy Socks)

2. Pins: to express your support for the asexual and aromantic community, for example. Or to declare your love for any fictional character. Or just to decorate any backpack or bag. Basically, there’s no reason not to give someone pins. And, as it so happens, these are probably some of the most easily personalised gifts as well! (Etsy)

3. Footwarmer slippers: the holidays are the ultimate period for cosying up next to a fire. The best way to do that? With some cute slippers – and the only thing that could possibly beat that? Slippers that you can microwave and that’ll keep your feet warm! Like what??? Why did I not know this existed way earlier?? (Bunny Slippers)

To eat

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1. Beanie Bottle Topper: I don’t really think I need to explain this one, right? It’s cute, it’s useful, and it’s a freakin beanie. (Amazon)

2. Fruit infusing ice balls: this is one of those things where you didn’t really know you needed it, until you had it. And then, suddenly, you’re just wondering: how on earth did I survive without this? Also, it’s just a cool thing to have for when you have guests coming over – really surprise them, you know? (Uncommon Goods)

3. Cat Tea Mug: I just want this myself, okay? I mean, I love tea as is, but to get it served as this? I might just die from the cuteness. (Amazon)

To work

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1. Portable Chargers: I know I mentioned this as well in my gamer’s gift guide, but, honestly? These days just about anybody needs a portable charger. There’s just too much to do on your phone, and not enough battery capacity to keep it going. But, you know…. If you’re going to get a portable charger anyways… Why not make it a cute one? Like – really cute? (Amazon, Amazon)

2. Stationary: I don’t know about you, but somehow I always manage to lose my stationary, especially pens and pencils, at an alarming rate. In other words: this is basically the kind of gift you know will be useful whoever you give it to. And, you know – might as well make it something with a little noise- or tv-value while you’re at it, right? (Amazon, Etsy)

3. Tetris magnets: This is absolutely not something I expect anyone else to want to receive as a gift. But I love Tetris. And a small Tetris-break every once in a while? Why, it’s exactly what the doctor ordered! (Amazon)

What stocking stuffers do you like to give each year? Do you agree with me that they are basically the best part of any gift? Be sure to let me know below! And of course: feel free to check out the rest of this year’s blogmas-posts, as well as all my Christmas-content!