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My Christmas Decorations

So today’s the 7th of December, and that means Belgians can officially get their Christmas decorations out. You know that whole thing about no Christmas about Thanksgiving? Well, that’s what Belgium has with Sinterklaas. And sure, I’ve had my decorations out for a little while now – only a little while, I promise! But at least I managed to wait to write about it until after the right day, right?

So here’s the thing about Christmas decoration: it’s fun. I love the little bits and bobs that you can put everywhere. Sure, the tree is basically the best bit – but then there’s all the little other things. And the preparations – I love the preparations. I mean, I’m the kind of person that will lay out the tree-decorations according to colour to make sure the colour scheme of the tree is optimal.

And if you thought I was kidding – think again. The proof’s in the pudding.

Probably my favourite thing about all my decorations, is sitting in the living room at night. It’s dark outside, I have the standing lamp on. And then there’s the Christmas tree and my vase of balls and lights.

All the colours – strictly gold and red, with some white and silver pushed deeper into the tree to get some extra reflection of the fairy lights!

I mean, I have this vase around the entire year… But it does give it a little extra when there’s a Christmas tree as well, don’t you think?

And then, of course, as I said… There’s all the bits and bobs. I’m 100% the kind of person that has favourite balls.

(Always the red ones with the golden glitter accent!)

As a matter of fact – glitter is a bit of a theme throughout my Christmas decorations. While this picture doesn’t showcast it quite as I wish it would – my Christmas Countdown calender is the best. And it’s very glittery!

(I got this one from the bf when we went to Disneyland earlier this autumn – I also got another Minnie and Mickey from my best friend on that same trip. Here’s to friends who know what to get you as a souvenir, right? Even if you did go on that trip together!

And then, there’s all the other things.

There’s my tea-pot full of mini-Christmas balls. Which, for some reason, I also seem to have out year round!

There’s the random Father Christmas. Keeping Minnie and Mickey company on my windowsill. I have a wooden cartoonish reindeer on top of my book-closet. I have a dog that will sing “merry christmas”. (Technically, the bf “has” that one. I let him take all the honours as well!)

Oh, and there’s these two – probably some of my favourites of all the decoration I own.

Well, because… And this might sound ridiculous… They just seem like such a funny duo – the kind of snowman that could have a cartoon or something? I honestly don’t even know why I think this, but there you have it. For some reason I always have!

And that’s my Christmas decorations tour, overview, whatever you want to call it. What’s your favourite thing to decorate for Christmas? Have you got everything up yet? When do you usually start decorating? (As I said, I’m not supposed to before December 6th. This year, I actually did pretty good – last year I got everything done before November was half way done!)

Be sure to let me know below! And if you want to check out the rest of my blog-mas posts, go visit the tag!