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Cosy Winter Drinks & Snacks

I don’t know what it is about Christmas, but this holiday makes me want to sit in a sofa, with some cosy winter drinks & snacks, a movie on in the back ground, and a lot of fairy lights all around. Just me? Hopefully not, because here’s some of my favourite of those refreshments!


What good is a party (be it movie-watching or other) without some drinks, right?

Warm, cosy drinks

Especially for that movie night, these warm, cosy drinks are my go to. Whether you want to go vegan, slightly more healthy or even all out indulgent – you will find your drink somewhere among these, I’m sure of it!

Healthy, vegan, and non-coffee – all of the above sound pretty great to me, especially the twist on an apple cider!

If you do like to have some coffee in there, first of all – I don’t understand. Second of all, every single non-coffee drink Natalie Bennett from NatAndWesAndTheRest has ever done, I’ve loved. So I’m fairly sure these’ll be good as well!

If you’re into the type of indulgent winter snacks and drinks that are basically just sugar – or in this case: liquid chocolate? Then this is your recipe!

Refreshing, fancy drinks

Christmas Mojito

One of my all time favourite cocktails is a mojito, so naturally… Well, I had to include two different versions of a wintery, Christmas-y version of it!

Holiday Cranberry Pomegranate Mojito

I have to be honest, though – just about any fruity cocktail? I’m here for. Which is probably why a cranberry apple sangria sounded so absolutely delicious!

Cranberry Gin Fizz

Of course, this Cranberry Gin Fizz doesn’t look too shabby either!


Now, let me be clear – there’s a distinct chance I’m going to be enjoying all of these. All year long. For now, however, let’s just pretend that the only reason I’m sharing all of these with you is just because the holidays are here!

Christmas Tree Cupcake

We all love a good cupcake in it’s time and place, right? And probably the only thing better than a cupcake? It’s a Christmas cupcake – a Christmas tree cupcake even! Well, that or a brown butter apple tart – this recipe is friggin delicious!

Christmas light cookies

If you’re more so into cookies? Well, there’s basically endless possibilities. Whether you go with simple sugar cookies, cinnamon cookies, oreos, …

Cookies and Cream Pretzels

A completely different option: Cookies and Cream pretzels! My sisters spent some time in the USA earlier this year, and she brought a bag of these pretzels with her – ever since, I’ve been absolutely obsessed with these flavours. For some reason, the idea that I might be able to make this myself hadn’t even occurred to me – what?

If you’re hungry, now, let me know below. That way I know at least I’m not the only one… And in the mean time, be sure to check out the rest of this year’s blogmas as well as the rest of my Christmas posts!


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