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The Christmas Day Tag

It’s almost Christmas Day! Aaaaah! And because I came across this tag over on Becc’s blog, and absolutely loved the idea… Well, you just know I had to do the Christmas Day Tag!

1. What time do you wake up?

Both too early and too late – that’s to say: on Christmas Eve, my cousin and her kids usually stay over at my parents’ plays. Which means that, you know – I am usually awoken by the both of them either wanting to wake up, or them stumbling down the stairs. Either way, it’s a happy morning 🙂

2. Where will you be spending the day?

Prepping for family until about 11, or entertaining said kids so that others can do the preparing. As soon as it’s 11, family starts arriving, and then it’s just non-stop being social, greeting people, eating, handing out food, until about 4, at which point we go visit my granddad, we go back to my parents’ for presents, and then more food.

Basically, I’m spending the day either making, eating, or recovering from food 🙂

3. What will you be wearing?

Jeans, one of my holiday shirts, and comfy boots – something that allows for a lot of food :p

4. What games will you be playing?

Most every year, at least one of my cousins is given some sort of board game for Christmas – as a result, the second half of the day usually consists of trying to figure out how on earth we’re supposed to play it. So, you know… That.

5. What will you be eating?

Is “a lot” an acceptable answer? If not: turkey, all the trimmings. And still a lot!

6. What will you be drinking?

Soda. Water. More soda. (I’ve got to get caffeinated somehow, right?)

7. What will you be watching?

Most likely? Nothing – there just isn’t time for that!

8. What do you hope to find under the tree on Christmas Day?

See my wishlist for that? :p

9. Who will you be spending the day with?

So. Much. Family. (seriously – there’s like 30 of us!)

10. When will you be opening your presents?

At the point where we’re so stuffed, it’s basically the only thing we can still do 🙂

What is your Christmas day going to be looking like? What are you most looking forward to? Be sure to let me know below! And of course, go ahead and check out the rest of my blogmas posts!


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