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Favourite Blogmas Posts

Can you believe blogmas is almost done already? Yeah, me neither. However, I did actually find the time to really enjoy it this year – and with that? Well: I’ve collected quite some blogmas posts that I really enjoyed – and you might as well!

Gift Guides

Sure, I have a couple of these as well (I especially like my Gift Guide for the At Home Chef, but of course – feel free to check out all of my gift ideas!) But, hey, you can never have enough gift-inspiration, right? Well, that’s what these posts (and videos!) are for!

Whether you opt for a general gift guide (I especially like the cooler bag! It’s so cute! And it’s available in so many colours and prints!), are a hardcore online shopper, need a festive book to gift, prefer to go minimalist, or want some inspiration for someone you know who blogs, these posts really do have your back – and they do so in a really entertaining way!

Gift wrapping

I mean, need I even explain this? After all – once you have those gifts, surely… You have to get creative!

(or just fancy)

The reflective

This is a side to Christmas that I was forced to reflect on two years ago, and it’s remained something that I really try to take into account… Both when planning for, and when living the unending business that is the month of December…

Whether you’re dealing with holiday stress, need a friendly reminder – or just need a bit of reading time to calm down? Take the time for some reflective blog posts!

Looking ahead

Alternately, rather than having you reflect on the past year, blogmas is also often a period where people try to plan ahead for the new year. In that case, some general rules might come in handy, as well as just a good old planner session.

All in all, I actually really enjoyed this year’s blogmas posts – maybe even more so than I have in a while! What have been some of your favourite blogmas posts – or just general posts published during this holiday season? Be sure to let me know below, and of course: feel free to leave your own links in the comments as well!


Walking Through The Pages - Blogmas 2019: Favourite Blogmas Posts