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Yves Rocher Christmas Line Haul

So remember how I said that I’m not really that into beauty products? Well, it turns out that, apart from nail polishes, there is one other specific exception: the Yves Rocher Christmas Line.

Yves Rocher is one of the few beauty brands for which I actually hold a card – because, hello, their products are amazing and totally affordable – and their Christmas Line is something I’ve been seriously looking forward to.
So when I got my voucher in the mail last week, I knew, of course, that I just had to get to their store as soon as possible.
I’ve been trying (almost) everything out, and so here’s my haul – on the amazingness that is the Yves Rocher Christmas Line!
First of all, if you looked at the above picture carefully, you’ll have noticed that I didn’t buy only items from the Christmas Line – what can I say, Yves Rocher is too great to limit myself like that!

The first item I bought that wasn’t part of their Christmas Line (although it is new, I think), was this gorgeous, deep blue nail polish:

Now, as I mentioned in my October Haul, I have quite the thing for nail polishes – I have more red ones than anybody could ever really need at a time, and I love adding new colours to my collection. This blue one immediately stood out to me, because it’s really a sort of royal blue. So far, I’ve only ever been able to find more of a paler blue or a really dark, almost black blue – and even if it resembled this colour, it was never quite this one. So obviously: I was happy I found this.
Also, when I put this one, I literally needed only one layer for the colour to be the deep blue you see on the picture, and it was completely set within a minute! I kid you not – a minute or less, one layer – what else do you need??
(oh, yeah, that’s right, it was €1,95, which is basically no money at all!)

The other not-quite-Christmas item I bought is this Moroccan Clay Mask:

I first bought this for my sister as a Christmas present a couple of years ago, and she absolutely loved it! It really helps to soften your skin, it smells delicious, and the tube just looks kind of great too 🙂
As she ran out of it (and still loves it!) I figured I’d buy her some more (I don’t think she actually reads this blog, but if she does: sorry sis, you now know part of your Christmas gift!)

Now, on to the good stuff: the Yves Rocher Christmas Line! First of all, these are the products I actually purchased:

The Christmas Line has 3 different smells: Spicy Vanilla, Candied Orange with Cinnamon and Candied Orange with Almonds. Personally, I loved the Spicy Vanilla and the Candied Orange with Cinnamon more so than the products that smelled like Candied Orange with Almonds – but of course: that’s just me!

The first product I bought was the Spicy Vanilla Lip Balm – now, as I may have already mentioned, my skin tends to react to everything and anything, and I cannot handle any kind of sun or whatever, so basically: my lips are chapped all the time. I have quite the collection of lip balms (do those count as actual make-up, actually?), so I just knew I had to add this one to the collection.

I was so pleasantly surprised! Quite often, the delicious scent sort of makes the lip balm less hydrating, but that was not at all the case here! My lips are soft, smell delicious, and I may just have to go stock up on these, because I don’t think I can handle having to wait until next Christmas when this one runs out!

Second, I bought the Candied Orange and Cinnamon Shower Gel and Peeling. Not only does this smell absolutely delicious, it also works as a sort of scrub – leaving your skin not just hydrated, but exquisitely soft!
I seriously considered also buying the Spicy Vanilla Shower Gel and Peeling, but I just loved the Candied Orange and Cinnamon one that tad bit more – however, seeing how as it’s only €2.50 for a bottle, I’m about 98% certain I’ll just end up going back next week to get it after all!

Lastly, I bought both the Spicy Vanilla and the Candied Orange and Cinnamon Hand Cremes – every year, I give my grandma a different Hand Creme for Christmas (amongst other things, obviously), so I know that Yves Rocher knows their stuff when it comes to this.
Although they are quite a bit more liquid-y than Yves Rocher’s Hand Cremes usually are (when I first opened the Spicy Vanilla one it ended up all over my sweater, even if I did only put the slightest bit of pressure on it), they are so hydrating, not at all greasy, ànd they smell so delicious – I put some on around noon yesterday, and when I got up, you could still slightly smell it!
The only problem is, of course, that I seem to have fallen in love with both scents (whoops?) so I might just have to go back to grab my grandma another one – but that’ll just give me an excuse to get the Spicy Vanilla Shower Gel and Peeling at the same time as well!

So, there you have it! That’s my Yves Rocher Christmas Haul! Of course, their Christmas Line consists of quite a bit more – there’s shower gels and hand soap, all of them in all 3 scents, but I’m a student, so I could only let myself buy so many things, even if it is so cheap it borders on the ridiculous!
How about you, have you got a favourite Yves Rocher product? Or another type of beauty product that is intrinsically linked to Christmas? Any I should try out? Be sure to let me know below!