Weekly Lists

Weekly Lists #12: Favourite TV-Series

Every Wednesday, I post a list of random stuff. This week: 5 of my favourite all-time tv-series!

1. Doctor Who, 2005 – now

Photo Credit: BBC

All the awesomness! (I’m also a cliché: I especially love the 10th and the 11th Doctor, although the 9th also holds a place dear to my heart – he was, after all, my first ever Doctor 🙂 )

Another series from the Superwholock fandom: Sherlock (2007-now) is a series I only really started watching last year, when the third season came out, but, well, I sort of binged my way through the other seasons, and now I’ve joined the cohorts of people waiting for the fourth season to just get here already!


2. Boy Meets World, 1993 – 2000

Mr Feeny got me through my childhood (and yes, I’m totally watching Girl Meets World, even though I’m supposedly almost 10 years older than its target audience, don’t judge me)

I actually really had difficulty choosing between this one and Full House, but because I didn’t watch Full House until about a year ago, I figured Boy Meets World does deserve the honorary spot.


3. Zorro, 1956

This was the last show I got to watch before I had to go to bed until I was approximately 13 (together with Skippy, Black Beauty and Lizzie McGuire, I love all of those as well), and I’m pretty sure my first ever crush was on Don Diego de la Vega – can you blame me though?
Also: the intro just makes me happy, so there’s that 🙂



4. Agent Carter

Now this is a recent discovery, after a lot of nagging from my sister and bf I finally started to watch the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe (yes, all of it. In internally chronological order. Because that’s just how we roll) But I love it so far – probably one of the best things in the whole MCU, for me – and now let’s just wait until the next season comes out!


5. Friends: 1994 – 2003

I watch this series completely at least once a year (I’m not even exagerating, I’m really not) and I am every single one of the characters  at some point (I suppose How I Met Your Mother (2005-2014) could count as a very similar series, but that last episode – urgh, just urgh)
Also: another intro that just makes me happy, especially after this happened:



So there you have it, 5 of my favourite all-time series. I will probably do a separate post on costume drama-series (because I love those too), so that’s why none of those are in here, but are there any others you think belong on this list?
Would you have chosen Sherloc over Doctor Who, Full House over Boy Meets World, or How I Met Your Mother over Friends? Let me know below!